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The competition begins, and Mark takes an early lead. Elizabeth can barely get her carpet to roll once, but tells us that she was determined to finish. Lisa battles with Elizabeth for last place. As Lisa gets waylaid by her carpet going off-track, Elizabeth attempts to catch up. Mark comes in first, with Jesse closely following him. Despite her difficulties, Lisa finishes next, and everyone runs back to encourage Elizabeth to finish. Despite a near breakdown, she does. She tells us that finishing a stupid challenge is better than dropping dead from asthma, so she's proud.

With that, it's time for the vote. Frado votes to send Burgandy home, because he think she can do it at home. Ada votes for Elizabeth, because she's connected more with Burgandy. Rick votes for Burgandy, also because she has a better support system at home. Adam followed his heart and voted for Burgandy. Brendan has been with Elizabeth since the beginning in Boston, so he votes for Burgandy as well. Burgandy is thus eliminated. She looks disappointed, but takes it okay and with a heaping of dignity. The most important lesson that Burgandy has learned on the ranch is that you do have to take care of yourself. She's excited to go home and be a role model for her girls, and tell them that if they believe in themselves and don't quit they can reach their goals. She's not going to stop until she's finished what she's started. The next time we see Burgandy, she'll be paying it forward starting with her family.

Before we get contestant updates, we cut back to the remaining contestants. Sami tells them that there's one less contestant...for now. A big spotlight shines on the five players who were left behind before they even made it to campus. They'll be in the gym tomorrow morning, which is of course next week for us. And here we thought we were free of the hippie guy!

Sophia started The Biggest Loser at 272 pounds, and now weighs 222 pounds. The most valuable thing she learned on the ranch was slowing down and appreciating life. Before her life was hectic, but now she has a new perspective. Sophia has been coaching cheerleaders for four years and loves her squad. The cheer squad likes salty, fatty snacks, and previously Sophia didn't think she had any room to say anything. One of Sophia's cheerleaders sweetly says that she looks so happy and this will change her life for the better. Sophia is also very passionate about spinning, and apparently leads the spinning class. She says that it's important to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and if you do that and remain positive, good things will come to you. Sophia wants to complete a 17.5 mile obstacle race and hopes to lose a total of 100 pounds by the finale. That actually seems like a reasonable, healthy goal! Good for her.

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