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We head over to the location of The Unknowns, and learn that they will return to the ranch in 5 days and 12 hours. We see them punching things and pushing around heavy machinery when a surprise walks through the door -- of course it's Jay and Jen. They get a warm greeting from The Unknowns, even though they're befuddled. Jay and Jen explain about the temptation challenge, and get big ups from everyone for not eating mac and cheese. No one is surprised that Arthur was the only person to eat. Jay says that they're excited to be with The Unknowns, and Jen agrees that it could be good for them. The Unknown trainers enter, and Cara asks why the Green Team was the one to be exiled. Jay guesses that it's because they're a threat. Brett works with Jay, while Jen and Cara box. Brett tells us that today was less of a workout and more of a fitness test, to assess where the Green Team stands. After the assessment, Cara notes that Jay and Jen are pretty fit, and if everyone on the ranch is like them The Unknowns might have something to worry about.

With that, it's time for Bob and Jillian to meet with their trainees. Bob wants to talk to Don in particular, and asks what the heck is going on. He was disappointed in the plus nines, because it seemed like Dan and Don were giving up on the rest of them. Someone asks for Don to say concretely whether they did or did not purposefully throw the weigh-in. Don says with a straight face that they did not. Bad move. Jillian's intelligence is insulted, which makes her really cranky. She asks Don what he wants, and instructs him not to lie. Don says that they need to get a few things straight. Things were harder than expected for Dan on the ranch, and he really missed his family. Don is homesick, but not to that extent. The only reason he said that he'd leave the week after Dan did (which I didn't know he'd done) was because he has a huge deficit to overcome. I'm not sure what all that means.

Don says that he's not ready to quit, to which Jillian retorts that he has quit and can't even express one fucking emotion. She tells him to either get angry and say what he thinks, or acknowledge that he's not brave enough to engage. Don continues to try not to engage, which is normally a good tactic when confronted with a crazy lady, but only leads to more misery in this particular situation. Jillian tells Don that he's afraid to get angry, afraid of feeling anything, and afraid of questioning his life. She wants him to let her have it and show that he can be mad. Don tells the editors to get the bleeps ready. And I quote: "I am so fucking tired of everyone calling me a goddamned liar to the entire fucking world that yeah, I'm pissed. And I don't give a shit whether you believe me, I don't give a shit whether you believe me. The only thing I care about is my reputation. I did not do anything wrong. Bleep, bleep, there." Jillian is pleased. Bob says that Don has created a huge hole, and is going to have to work incredibly hard to make it through the weigh-in. It has yet to be seen if he has what it takes to do it.

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