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Courtney runs on the treadmill and has Jell-o legs. She's really struggling, and decides to have a talk with Jillian. Courtney says when she was over 400 pounds, she always felt like a confident person. Everyone wanted her to be successful with her weight loss and her life, and she pushed them away. This includes her mom. She says she never wants to be a disappointment to her parents. Apparently Marci will talk about how she sees people stereotype Courtney, and it really hurts Courtney who never noticed it until Marci brought it up. Jillian says that a lot of times, kids interpret their parents' attempt to help as an indirect form of discontent. The unconscious implication is, "You're broken, and we've got to fix this." As a kid, you think that means that your parents are ashamed of you, and that you're a disappointment. This is indeed how Courtney feels. She hasn't been able to talk to her mom about this yet, and Jillian tells her that she needs to be brave enough to have the conversation. And then Marci needs to work on herself, and not project things onto Courtney. Crisis solved. Thanks, Dr. Phillian!

Jay and Jen take a walk, and still seem relatively fine about their current situation. Fitness Ridge is apparently pretty souped up, however there are a lot of differences. Q points out to Jen and Jay that all of the meals at Fitness Ridge are prepared for them, with calorie counts included. Also, maids! These are all good changes, I should think. The new trainers beat their trainees, and for some reason their screaming bothers me much more than Bob and Jillian's. The devil you know, I guess. The Unknowns have 3 days and 10 hours before returning to the ranch, and Rulon says that this is kind of like Rocky 4. Is that the one with the Russians? I hope so! Jay assures us that the training on Fitness Ridge is plenty intense, while Jen learns how to box.

Back at the ranch, we get to see Courtney and Marci talk about their issues. Courtney feels like a disappointment. Marci has never been disappointed in her. However, she felt helpless and didn't know what to do to help Courtney. Marci acknowledges that she's proud that Courtney called her out, and that they can be open and honest with each other. Marci says that being in the fitness industry made things extra hard, because she was always hearing about childhood obesity and whatnot and felt like a hypocrite. As it were, it was on her mind all the time. Courtney, who is wise beyond her years, says that the people who matter will always love them no matter what they look like. They're changing their lives, and that matters a whole lot more than stupid stereotypes. Courtney and Marci hug and love each other and feel great about themselves. As they should!

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