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With that, it's challenge time! The Green Team returns for this, and Jay says it's kind of fun to have a 360 degree view of what's going on from both sides. Sami tells Jen and Jay that they're not only living with The Unknowns this week, but are competing for them in today's challenge. It's going to be the Green Team versus everyone else. There is a table set up, upon which are plates of the contestants' various favorite foods. They have to guess how many calories are in all of the food combined. The answer is a four-digit number. To guess, the contestants need to hoist a number up onto a rig that rises 70 feet in the air. Oh, what will they think of next. If they're right, the lights will blink to let them know they've guessed correctly. If wrong, the lights will indicate whether they should go higher or lower on their next try. Once one number is right, they can move on to the next digit. The first team to get all four numbers correctly wins the challenge and gets letters from home. To make the playing field a bit more level, the numbers that the big group has to hoist are four times heavier than the numbers for Jen and Jay. If Jen and Jay win, they'll bring letters from home to all The Unknowns.

The challenge begins, and there is a lot of grabbing and hoisting. The teams can't see each others' numbers, but both guess eight as the first number. The big team figures out a very efficient hoisting method, and discover that eight is the correct first number. Jen and Jay trail them, but also get the first number right. The big team yells numbers back and forth, so even though Jay and Jen can't see, they have an indication which numbers they're going with. Both teams get the second number wrong, and the Green Team is getting quite tired already. On the second pass they get the second number correct (it's seven), and so take a slight lead. They get the third number correct on their initial try, and have one to go. The big group is right behind them, and it's really anyone's game now. The big group lucks out as they get the final number correct - it's 8,754 total - and their letters rain down like confetti. Courtney feels especially sad that Jen and Jay get no letters. Jen and Jay are sad that they've let down their new friends.

There's crying and whatnot and people read their letters. Arthur's first grader daughter wrote her letter to him all by herself. Olivia misses her husband something fierce. Marci's husband and Courtney's dad says that the two of them are going to be sources of inspiration, and also celebrities. Don basically gets a post-it note from his estranged son. It says, "I know you can do it, whether on this show or not. I'm glad you're trying. I'm proud of you." That's a start, I guess. Don really starts crying, and tells us that though the letter was small, it was all he needed.

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