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Helen, who has immunity, weighs in first. She goes from 231 to 225, for a loss of 6. She's quite pleased. And then the real, competitive weigh-in begins. The Brown Team is up first. Bob is very attached to Ron, and hopes that they stay. Ron goes from 377 to 370 for a loss of 7, while Mike goes from 348 to 339 for a loss of 9. That's 16 pounds combined, or 2.21%. Everyone has kind of a grim look, and both Ron and Mike feel like they've failed. The Black Team is next. Dane goes from 360 to 345 for a loss of 15, while Blaine goes from 323 to 312 for a loss of 11. That's 26 pounds total, or 3.81%! It's like they had twins. Additionally, they've lost 120 pounds in four weeks. Pretty impressive.

Filipe is next. He goes from 324 to 311, for a loss of 13! He is ecstatic, and Sione runs up to give him a big bear hug. Kristin starts crying, which is not unusual. Filipe has lost 4.01%, which means that Sione is back for sure. Filipe tells us that Black should watch their back, and Green should watch their teeth, because Blue is back! Tara, apparently nervous about her teeth, is ready to get this shit over with and find out if she's brought Laura back or not. She has to have lost more than 10 pounds, which seems like a tall order. Tara goes from 264 to 252! Holy crow! That's 12 pounds, or 4.55%. Dang! But this means we have to deal with Laura again, doesn't it? Dang again, in a bad way.

Kristin is up next, and needs to have lost more than 12 pounds. Cathy is so nervous that she can't even swallow. She goes from 324 to 312, for a loss of 12 or 3.7%. That is a phenomenal number, but of course doesn't yet guarantee her safety. Mandi is next, and needs to have lost more than 8 pounds to bring Aubrey back. She goes from 237 to 227, for a loss of 10! That's 4.22%. Everyone's dropping huge numbers! Mandi and Aubrey are thrilled. Dan is next, and Sami tells him that he needs to have lost more than 15 pounds. Dave reminds us that at his weight, this is doable. Dan goes from 406 to 394, for a loss of 12. He seems pretty disappointed, and so does Jillian. Nonetheless, he recognizes what a huge milestone it is to have lost 60 pounds and gotten below 400 pounds. His total percentage lost is 2.96%. This means that the Brown Team is definitely below the yellow line, and Kristin and Cathy are safe. Finally, we have Joelle. She needs to have lost more than 8 pounds to be safe and bring Carla back. Joelle knows that this is a defining moment, and pounding drums underscore this fact. Joelle goes from 288 to 278, for a loss of 10. She did it! Carla hugs her instead of beating her, and we can all breathe easy for another week.

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