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This of course means that Dan and Dave are below the yellow line along with Ron and Mike. Everyone else has to vote. There is quite a bit of hugging and crying. Mike interviews that this isn't a situation where votes can go based on who "deserves" to be there. He and Dan are both so young and so heavy, he says, which makes the vote a difficult decision for all. Everyone sits around and talks. Ron says that he feels like he's killed his son, and blames himself for them falling below the yellow line. Everyone is bawling. He tells them that he wants to stay, and his son needs to say. The fact that Ron is all broken up makes Mike cry, too. Dan says that Ron and Mike and he and Dave all deserve to be there. Making things even harder is the fact that Ron and Mike were instrumental in keeping Dan in the game a few weeks ago. He says he's had a chance to change a lot of things in the past couple of weeks, and asks people to vote based on what they feel. And then there's effing Dave. He says it's very hard for him to be there, and it can be done from home. Everyone looks at him like they want to stab him with a chicken leg, most especially Dan. In an interview, Dave interviews that he'd be okay if they went home tonight, but it would also break his heart for Daniel to leave. If that's actually true, he could have kept his trap shut for another minute. I mean, is this cracker for real?

So, votes. The Pink Team votes for Dave and Dan. The Yellow Team votes for Ron and Mike. Ah, this is all going to go down along team lines, isn't it? The Purple Team votes for Dan and Dave. The Black Team votes for Ron and Mike. And then it's time for the Green Team to vote. Tara is pissed at Dave for saying that he didn't really want to be there, especially when Dan's been working his ass off. She knows that Jillian can help him, and is frustrated that he doesn't get it. She votes for Ron and Mike, whom she calls her little nugget. Dave says that his commitment is there, but his heart is not. Being on the ranch is the best opportunity of your life, he says, but you're trapped, and that's hard for him. The Silver Team votes for Dan and Dave, which ties everything at three votes apiece. Filipe and Sione have the deciding vote. You know how that's going to go. Filipe thinks that Dave's a punk, so votes for him and Dan to go home. And that's that.

Dan exit interviews that he's proud of losing 60 pounds, of hiking his 400-pound body up a mountain, and running over seven miles per hour on the treadmill. Dave says that he can take care of his weight problem at home. I am intrigued to see what happens with him. Dan tells us that the next time we see him he'll be thin and $100,000 richer. Dave says he'll be skinny, buff, and vying for the $100,000 prize. We see Dan at home, and he really does look like he's lost some weight! He can run on the track for almost 20 minutes. Dave says he's quit smoking and has gotten used to the diet a bit more. Lies. Dan goes to Duke University to see Martha, a doctor who's been seeing him twice a year since he was 12. She tells him that he can stop taking his diabetes medicine, which is a big victory. He's ready to experience life not being a fat kid.

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