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Me and Julio Down by the Fat Farm

What have I done today to make me feel proud? Well, for starters, I turned 29... for the fifth time! And I ate one third of a delicious pie-sized chicken pot pie that my wonderful, Biggest Loser-loving friend Mary made for me. Jillian would yell at her, but I merely drool in thanks. And finally, I watched My Monkey Baby. Maybe not all of those things make me feel proud, actually.

We enter the episode with a flashback to last week, where everyone hated Tracey. Sigh. My name is Tracie as well, so every time someone says something mean to or about her I feel a bit injured. Though I will admit that sometimes I'm full of shit too, so Jillian at least got that right. Tracey got to choose which member of each team would weigh-in, and her real dick move was putting Shay on the scale instead of Daniel. Daniel pleaded with her to do otherwise, because everyone is in general agreement that Shay really needs to stay on campus. Cut to this week, where Daniel and Shay talk to Tracey and her teammate, Coach Mo. Shay says in no uncertain terms that Tracey broke her trust. Mo tries to say a word in Tracey's defense, noting that everyone was asking for favors from Tracey but she was getting nothing back. Shay says that Tracey said she cared for her and wanted her to stay, so it really wasn't a favor. Tracey has lied her way into a hole, and Shay is not handing her a shovel. Unless, I guess, it's to help her further dig her own grave. Shay wants Tracey to be honest, and Tracey says that she assumed that Shay would drop a ton of weight and be at the top. Shay is not buying it. In an interview, Tracey is adamant that she didn't do anything wrong. This bitch is going to have a monkey baby at any moment. Poor Coach Mo is wondering how the heck he got involved in all this drama. Shay tells us that she'll be cordial to Tracey and Mo, but she'll never trust them. That's fair.

Jillian and Bob meet the contestants in the gym and get the scoop on the elimination. They learn that Antoine and Sean basically sacrificed themselves so Shay and Daniel could stay. Jillian isn't pleased about this, and tells us that the contestants need to learn to put themselves first, and fighting to be on campus is part of that. Bob agrees, saying that Shay needs to be there, but so does everyone else. Meanwhile, we learn that Tracey hasn't even been allowed in the gym, due to medical conditions. Jillian manages not to scream at her, which I find suspect.

The contestants work out, and there's some focus on the Pink Team. That makes me think that they're going to drop below the yellow line. Amanda tells us that she's motivated by the fact that America chose her to be on the show. Honey, we were just drunk dialing. Dr. Phillian, meanwhile, takes a gander with Julio. He tries to tell her that he's happy, and she says that he's not 407 pounds and happy. She asks if he's ever been excellent at anything, and he says that he's been excellent at food. He's obsessed. Jillian asks what he'll do when the one thing that he's great at is gone. I mean, he still has to eat, even if it is Jennie-O turkey from a Ziploc bag with a Jello chaser. Julio agrees, saying that it's not gone, and he'll just change it. Jillian explains that she gets all Dr. Phillian on the contestants' asses for their own good. She gives Julio a cliché-laden pep talk, which he seems to find very moving.

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