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Me and Julio Down by the Fat Farm

Meanwhile, Tracey sees Dr. Huizenga. We finally learn what happened to her in the first week -- she had a major injury to one of her muscles. There's some sort of enzyme called CPK that has nothing to do with pizza but comes out during a severe muscle injury. If you get too much of it, it can damage the kidneys and other organs. Tracey's CPK levels have actually gotten worse, and Dr. H. tells her that she is allowed absolutely zero exercise. She can't even walk around. Tracey breaks down. She wonders how she's going to be able to stay when she can't exercise, and gets that crazy look in her eye as she says it has to get better. Later that night, Mo visits Tracey to find out what happened with her doctor's visit. Tracey explains that she can't exercise or even walk at all, and adds that Dr. H. doesn't want her to lose any weight. She's hoping that things will get better in a few days. Mo wants her to do what she's told, and tells her not to worry about it. He's prepared to carry the team this week, as he does every week.

Before we know it, the contestants are meeting up with Sami in their kitchen. There are locks on the cabinets and the fridges. Abby wonders if they're going to starve. That would be a twist, wouldn't it? Sami tells the contestants that for the next week, the cabinets and fridges will stay locked. They'll have to order out every single meal. Dina explains that their kitchen was a safe place, and this is like ripping their security blanket away and setting it on fire. This is, of course, all about getting them to figure out how to order healthy food. All week they'll look at menus and deduce which is the healthiest meal they can order. Right now, however, there's a pop challenge. Sami has three choices for dinner, and the team who chooses the healthiest option will win a kitchen stocked with healthy food for an entire year. The teams come to her one at a time and get their choice of three chicken dinners. Dinner A has ¼ roasted chicken breast (sans skin), ½ cup low fat creamed spinach, 2.75 ounces of sweet potatoes, ½ cup nonfat peach frozen yogurt, and 2 cups of unsweetened iced tea. Dinner B has ½ rotisserie chicken with skin, ½ cup creamed spinach, ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt, ½ cup blueberries, and 2 cups of green tea. Dinner C has 1/3 barbeque chicken breast with skin, 1 cup peas and carrots, 1 cup mango slices, and 1 cup skim milk. I'm guessing A. The teams each get two minutes to ask questions before making their choices, since they aren't given all the info above.

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