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Me and Julio Down by the Fat Farm

Coach Mo works twice as long and twice as hard to try to keep them there. Julio compares Mo to an old warrior who will fight until he's got nothing left to fight with. Eventually, Mo totally pulls something, or worse. He's in some serious pain. Allen tells us that Coach Mo's body is not up to this, and it's showing. Coach Mo says he's done. Bob looks at Mo and can instantly tell that he's panicking. He says that when you're panicking, your injury is only going to get worse. Is that actual science? Mo heads outside and Bob follows. Bob tells us that it's been a constant struggle to keep Mo in the house and keep him positive, since he brought with him 20 years of pain. Bob asks Mo if he wants to go home, and Mo says he's thought about it. Bob tells him that the pain will still be there when he gets home. He asks Mo to give it an hour of rest and see how he feels then. I blame Tracey for all of this. Bob, however, seems to think that Mo just needs to get his head on straight. In an interview, Mo seems determined to change his life. Triumphant music plays as he limps back in the gym and gets on a stationary bike. Man, does he look tired.

Finally, it's time for the weigh-in. Sami talks to the contestants about all the knowledge they've gained over the week, and they just wish she'd get on with it already. The two teams with the lowest percentage of weight lost will fall below the yellow line, and the rest of the teams will vote to send one team home. Daniel and Shay have immunity, so weigh-in first. Daniel goes from 287 to 287, and Shay goes from 437 to 432. He lost nothing, while she lost five pounds. Sami totally accuses Daniel of strategery, and he swears that it was not deliberate. Jillian tells Daniel that she hopes it's strategy, because he'd be stupid if it wasn't and will also have the crap beat out of him this week. Bob interviews that it's season eight, and when someone loses no or one pounds when they have immunity, they're playing the game just as much as Tracey is. Tracey smiles, happy not to be the only asshole. The Orange Team's total percentage of weight lost is 0.69%.

The Green Team is up next, and Bob reminds us that Abby has been restricted to the pool because of her injury, and has been struggling. Allen goes from 292 to 285 for a loss of 7, while Abby goes from 216 to 213 for a loss of 3. That's a total percentage of 1.97%. The Blue Team is next. Dina goes from 234 to 229 for a loss of 5, while Rudy goes from 388 to 377 for a loss of 11. Well done! That's 2.57%. Next we have the Brown Team. They need to have lost more than 16 pounds to be safe from elimination. Danny goes from 390 to 382 for a loss of 8, while Liz goes from 243 to 240 for a loss of 3. That's 11 pounds or 1.74%, which means they aren't safe. The Purple Team is next, and Coach Mo hopes that he's been able to keep them there for another week. Tracey says that she's expecting to gain weight, and then goes into some meltdown rant about being a wife and a mom and losing weight and finding a balance. It's relatively incomprehensible. Coach Mo seems pretty resigned to the fact that they're going home. Tracey goes from 217 to 213 for a loss of 4, while Mo goes from 326 to 318 for a loss of 8. Surprise success! No one is happy for them, though. Shay in particular is upset that another healthy team will go home while Tracey chills out and reads another book by Machiavelli. With a loss of 2.21%, the Purple Team is safe.

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