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It's Not Easy Being Green

What have I done today to make me feel proud? I actually went on a walk! In the cold! With a friend! It was surprisingly refreshing. And then I got Indian takeout to celebrate. Take that, endless winter!

It is night at the Biggest Loser house. The contestants return after the elimination ceremony. Koli hugs Michael and tells him to work hard this week. As Michael says that he's sad his mom is gone, John asks him if he feels like he got a kick in the pants this week. Oh, man, there's gonna be a half-ton showdown! We are reminded about Michael's slackitude. Michael tells us that he's confused, because it's not like he's waterloading Melissa who lost zero pounds in two weeks. Way to remind us of the more evil presence in the house, buddy. He says something about every day on the ranch being the first day of the rest of his life, which is enough to make even his allies dislike him. Michael realizes that everyone's going to be watching his every move this week. If they're really that keen to see the jiggle, Michael is prepared to let them have at it.

The next day, the contestants meet Sami, who is resplendent in a long beige coat. She tells them that they'll have the chance to win immunity at the weigh-in, which has never before been done at a pop challenge. The winner of the challenge will also win three envelopes, each of which contains something that can affect the entire outcome of the game. The contents will remain a mystery until the winner claims his or her prize. The challenge is as such: the contestants will have to run the presidential mile (a loop around the ranch) to a board filled with 100 key cards. Each time they'll bring one card back and insert it into some kind of, like, giant Commodore 64. If they get a green check they get one point. If they get a red X, they get zero points. The first team to get three points wins the challenge.

The teams are off! I guess the singletons are playing on their own. It appears that each team can only take one card at a time, so I guess there's no advantage in being a duo. Red Melissa harnesses Crazy Tracey's leftover powers of evil and gets the first green check. After a few laps, Red, Brown, Orange, Pink and Black each have a point. Pink gets a second green check, putting them in the lead. Michael has a mondo losing streak happening, but eventually gets a point. So do Miggy and Migdalia. Stephanie is lapping the other teams, but still can't get a green check. She perseveres and at lap nine... gets another red X. Michael lucks out and gets a second point, as do Orange and Red. There are more laps, and then the powers of evil prevail! The Red Team wins. Melissa's response is: "Ch-ching! Red has immunity. [Evil cackle.]"

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