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It's Not Easy Being Green

Melissa smirks. This is perhaps the wrong thing to do, as Migdalia calls her a name that has to be beeped. Melissa, who just can't leave well enough alone, says, "Hey Ali? Just so we're emphatically clear, two pounds didn't make shit tonight." Migdalia tells her to shut up, and totally wants to punch her in the throat. Ali confirms that with or without the two-pound disadvantage, the Green Team was in trouble. Miggy acknowledges that, but says that Melissa needed to hear what she needed to hear. Which is, I think, herself called the C word. Migdalia starts to cry, and Miggy tells her not to cry. Dr. Phillian does not approve! Was all of her work in vain? Jillian says that when your body is stressed out, it retains fluids. That's biochemistry. Bob pipes in to say that Miggy hasn't been stressed, or hasn't showed stress to him. Jillian screams that they don't show stress to anyone, as evidenced by the "Don't cry" remark of a moment ago. Jillian points out that Migdalia was pouting and sulking and miserable all week long, and probably would have had a good number otherwise.

The trainers say goodbye, and Jillian is totally pissed. Back at the house, Migdalia says that she wants to go home, period. Drea wonders if Migdalia might regret this decision tomorrow. Migdalia says that she has her kids and her husband and wants to go home. She says this in a really aggressive manner, in case you were wondering. After Miggy and Migdalia leave the others to their deliberation, Melissa has the nerve to say, "My only comment on any of this is let's just remember where the vast majority of the drama and the attitude and the aura of the house is coming from. And it's not Migdalia." Um, yeah, it's you, you stupid [bleep]. God.

Elimination room! Michael does not get a vote. The Red Team starts off by voting for Miggy, because she's more abrasive and confrontational than Migdalia. Miggy thinks that Melissa doesn't like to hear the truth, and Migdalia points out that Melissa should try looking in the mirror. Everyone frankly wishes that they could vote both of these ladies off -- they're scared to death. The Orange Team votes for Migdalia, as does the Pink Team, as does the Purple Team. The Gray Team, however, votes to send home Miggy. After Migdalia says her mom needs it more than she does, the Gray Team notes that they wish she would have said that in the first place instead of just being all sulky and rotten. And then John also votes to send home Miggy! It's tied. It all comes down to the Black Team. They vote for Migdalia. That was more dramatic than expected! Migdalia hugs her mom and leaves without saying goodbye to anyone else.

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