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Return of the (Big) Mac

Sandy is next. She is carrying a shirt that was her dead brother's. Said brother suffered with obesity all of his life, and lost the battle at 35. Sandy does not want to follow in his footsteps. Sandy needs to have lost more than 24 pounds to beat Corey. She goes from 259 to 235 for a loss of 25 pounds. She did it! That's 9.65%. Oh, happy day! I don't know if I could have taken Corey's hippie beard for very long. The only thing that stands between Sandy and victory is Anna. She needs to have lost more than 31 pounds to beat Sandy. Anna is hella-nervous, and says she's worked very hard. She goes from 330 to 291 for a loss of 39 pounds! She did it! And not only did she do it, but she trumped the competition. She's a bigger lady, too, so might stand a chance at hanging with the boys. Anna hugs Rick and Patrick, who were her city-mates. She lost 11.82% of her weight, and Adam notes that she's a threat.

The four has-beens leave, and Sami announces where the contestants stack up so far. Turns out that Rick is leading in percentage of weight lost, at 15.14%. Mark, Adam, Frado and Ada are within two percentage points of him. When Anna is added to the mix, she winds up in eighth place. And then Sami announces that the game is changing again -- they're going Blue versus Black. Jessica tells us that this means gameplay, competition, and drama are on their way. The Black Team will be trained by Jillian, the Blue Team will be trained by Bob, and Anna will get to pick the teams. That's so mean! Anna is not psyched. There is another twist. Six people will be on the Blue Team, six will be on the Black Team, and one player will be on his or her own this week. Said person will also have immunity at the weigh-in. Anna is allowed to give immunity to herself if she likes. The independent player will join the team that loses a player this week.

Anna makes the rounds and tries to figure out what's what. She asks each contestant whom he or she works well with, and finally realizes that making everyone happy isn't going to be easy. Several folks tell her that she should take immunity for herself. Jesse tells us that it would border on moronic for her not to take it. And no one could even blame her, so she's really all set. Everyone gathers to learn Anna's decisions. The Blue Team will be: Jessica, Aaron, Lisa, Mark, Jesse, and Adam. The Black Team will be: Rick, Ada, Frado, Brendan, Liz, and Anna herself! Everyone is shocked that Anna didn't take immunity, but she says she wants to be with Jillian. Jesse says, "The funny thing is, she seems like an intelligent woman. And that is just a stupid move. Nobody here's got a lick of loyalty so far to her -- who's she counting on saving her?" It's really true, unless Anna is somehow an evil genius. But I don't think so. Patrick has immunity, and gets to work with whichever trainer he prefers this week.

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