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Return of the (Big) Mac

In the gym, Jillian asks Anna why she'd give up immunity, and Anna says, "Because I didn't want to run the risk of not getting you." Jillian is totally touched and says it will be really hard to be mean to Anna now. She gives us some serious cleavage in the process. Jillian first met Anna in Atlanta, and tells us that she's really good and deserves to be there. And now she sweats. And so does everyone, really, because the Blue versus Black thing is throwing people off. Bob tells us that he's seen some crazy stuff happen in the house when it gets to Black versus Blue, and he's hoping folks will have some integrity this time around. He also notes that Patrick will be a prize for the losing team.

After Anna states during the very first workout that she's failed, Dr. Phillian quickly recognizes that she needs some emotional work, and hopes she has enough time on campus to get to it. She asks Anna what she's failed at, and Anna starts crying. She says she failed the race, and failed her son. We are reminded that she lost her three-year-old son to cancer. Oh man, and this is when I start crying. Jillian tells Anna that she can take that loss, use it, and bring meaning to it to help other people who have gone through the same thing. Anna has some really deep issues that are holding her back and she wants to work on them. Jillian says that she needs to be on campus. Just a note to people out there that if you have health insurance your co-pay at a therapist is, like, $15. Check it out!

Meanwhile, Patrick and Brendan talk about how crazy and awesome it is that Anna didn't take immunity for herself. Meanwhile, Patrick, Aaron and Adam talk about what could be a worst-case scenario -- the Black Team loses the weigh-in and gains Patrick. This means that they have a beast of a team, and also that the Douche-B Alliance remains in tact. Aaron says that he wouldn't put it past the Black Team to throw the weigh-in and get rid of Anna. And that's totally what Brendan is talking about doing! What horrible people they are. Patrick says that this is a totally appropriate time to begin the gameplay, and blames Anna for being too stupid to take immunity.

The contestants meet up for their first Blue versus Black challenge. Sami explains that each team will visit five food stations throughout downtown Los Angeles. At each one, they'll answer a trivia question about the food. They can ask as many questions as they want before giving their final answer. If the team gets it right, they'll receive a green card with instructions to the next food station. If they get it wrong they'll receive a red penalty card and have to complete a physical challenge. It's like The Amazing Race but heftier! The first team to get through five stations and cross the finish line will win, and receive 40 weeks worth of The Biggest Loser meal plan for each member. Delicious and nutritious meals, delivered to your door! How often do you think they deliver Subway sandwiches? And wait! It gets better. The winning team will also get letters from home. Patrick, who is on neither team, will watch the others run around like crazy and receive letters from home by default.

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