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Return of the (Big) Mac

The challenge begins! The first station has two covered plates, and asks which dish has fewer calories. Number one is a vegetable mosaic, and number two is a crab salad. Liz asks about the ingredients in each. Liz guesses crab salad and gets the question right, while Jesse gets it wrong and the Blue Team is forced to take a penalty of 50 step-ups. That's not a terrible penalty at all, except that it puts you a little bit behind. As the teams runs to the second station, Anna is already gasping for air and Rick starts to get concerned. She takes the question at the second station, which asks whether French fries or macaroni and cheese balls has less fat. Anna chooses the French fries, which is correct. The macaroni and cheese balls are made almost entirely of cream, so this seemed like an easy choice. But Aaron gets it wrong for the Blue Team! He has to do 20 forward lunges.

Frado takes station number three, which has him make an ice cream sandwich with the least amount of calories by choosing from a list of three cookies and five ice cream flavors. He picks cinnamon ice cream and ginger cookies. Wrong! His penalty is to carry a bucket of ice cream. Adam chooses the same combo, and also gets a penalty. We learn that the best option is the ginger cookie and vanilla ice cream combo. The station four question, fielded by Brendan for the Black Team, asks which of three dishes exceeds the daily-recommended amount of sodium by 60%. He chooses among potstickers with soy sauce, buffalo hot wings, and calamari with tartar sauce. Brendan chooses the calamari, which is incorrect. He has to swim one lap in a nearby pool. Jessica picks the potstickers, which is correct! And also delicious, despite the health deficits.

The teams are roughly neck and neck at the last challenge. Ada takes it for the Black Team, and has to guess, within 100 calories, how many calories are in a big hunk of lasagna. She guesses 1850. This is incorrect, and the Black Team learns that they must run 21 flights of stairs. Mark takes it for the Blue Team and guesses 1300 calories. This is also not close to the actual calorie count of 804. The Blue Team thinks this is where they can catch up. They're on the second floor while the Black Team is on the sixth. Anna tells us that there's no way she can make it up twenty-one flights. Ada makes it up to the top first, while Liz is way behind. Frado hopes she isn't having an asthma attack or stuck somewhere. Ada takes action and runs down to help her. And then the Black Team makes it to the finish line first and rings a bell made of letters. Despite all the talk of the Blue Team being close, they're nowhere in sight. They finally make it to the top, dejected. Lisa cries because she wants her damn letters. Ada is pained to see that the others are in pain. Brendan says that he wants his letters really badly, but he wants Lisa to have her letters. He knows how much she loves her kids, and he doesn't love his mother and father nearly as much. Anna volunteers to give up her letters, as does Ada. Her parents would only insult her anyway. Frado follows suit. What an odd gesture of kindness just as they're planning sabotage!

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