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Cut to the gym, where Rick and Brendan try to convince Jillian that Bob told his team that the Black Team would throw the weigh-in and thus they had to do what they had to do. Which I guess means also throwing the weigh-in? In any case, Jillian did not just fall off the organic turnip truck. She says, "I'm not an idiot. You're throwing the weigh-in. You got caught. Don't treat me like I'm stupid, I've been doing this forever." Too true. Jillian says she can't tell the guys how to play the game, but reminds them that they're in this to get healthy and should try to stay focused on why they're there. As Brendan tells us about the importance of strategery, Jillian complains to Bob that he usually gets the big doofuses, but they are hers this season. Bob simply says, "You can have them." I can't believe that Brendan was once my favorite. I feel so duped. Jillian says she'll be pissed if their plan is throw the weigh-in and get rid of Anna. Bob is all, "Who else are they going to get rid of?" Jillian looks pre-emptively pissed. She and Bob seem to employ a similar strategy, which is: beatings of their lives.

Last chance workout! Jesse tells us that Patrick is a prize, but the real prize is winning the weigh-in. Ann also eschews gameplay, probably to her detriment. But she really just needs to learn how to breathe and survive the gym and keep up with everybody else. Jillian particularly wants to beat up on Frado and Brendan, and begins by calling Frado a big Sally (??) and telling him that his mother could row faster than this. She's very upset about the plan to throw the weigh-in and ditch Anna. She talks to the girls about what's going to happen if they lose the weigh-in. Anna says without doubt that they'll get rid of her the first chance they get. Not an idiot after all! Jillian says that it's one thing if they simply lose the weigh-in, but it's bullshit if the guys throw it just to get rid of someone. And so she guilt trips the shit out of Brendan and Frado. She reminds them that Anna lost her son and needs so much help, and deserves a shot of staying on the ranch. Frado says, "Do you want me to quit now so she can stay?" All right, Sally, that's enough. I mean, really.

Jillian tells Frado that she doesn't want him to throw the weigh-in. Frado says that Jillian has no idea -- no matter how hard he works, you can be number one and the others will vote your ass out. No, because if you're number one you get immunity. I love how Frado's trying to make it seem like he's the victim. Giving up those letters will not improve your karma this much, pal. Jillian says that if they focus, they have a strong team and will be fine. Frado says that he agrees with her and doesn't want to see anybody go home. That's a total lie, since he clearly does want to see Anna go home so they can get Patrick on their team. Brendan requests that they bring the others out to tell them that they weren't planning on throwing the weigh-in. So now they're going to lie to everybody. Frado has a Godfathery interview that ends with, "Whatever happens, happens." He addresses the members of the Black Team and says whatever the number is, the number is and they should vote their conscience. That's not exactly a promise not to throw the weigh-in. Brendan cryptically interviews that he doesn't know if everyone will stay true to their word. Anna tells us that she'll be pissed if the Black Team votes her off after she tried so hard to make everybody happy, then reminds us that karma is a bitch and will come around. That's the spirit! Best case scenario is that the Black Team throws the weigh-in but Anna gets immunity, and they get rid of 300 pounds of doofus.

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