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Return of the (Big) Mac

Weigh-in. Sami reminds us that Adam has a cupcake advantage that is now worth two pounds. He's not going to use it. Since they didn't make a big deal about this advantage throughout the episode or show Adam struggling with whether to use it, I'm guessing the Blue Team isn't going to dramatically lose by two pounds. The team with the lowest collective percentage of weight loss will lose the weigh-in, and have to vote somebody out. Patrick is up first to weigh-in, since he has immunity. He goes from 356 to 346 for a loss of 10 pounds. He's excited about it, and thanks to Anna is feeling pretty good overall, those his thoughts about which team he'd like to be with are mixed.

Blue Team weighs-in, with Jessica hitting the scale first. She goes from 254 to 248, for a loss of 6 pounds. She looks kind of weird about it, but for someone her size that's actually a really good number. Mark is next. He started at 361 pounds, and now weighs 352. That's a loss of 9. Lisa is next and goes from 260 pounds to 252, for a loss of 8 pounds. That's great! But she's still not excited. What's wrong with these people? I feel like this show has stripped them of their ability to be happy about really significant accomplishments. Next we have Adam. He goes from 346 to 335, for a loss of 11 pounds. Nice job! He looks somewhat satisfied, but still concerned about the team's weight loss overall. I don't know, I think they're doing just fine. Next we have Aaron, who could provide some real numbers. He goes from 419 to 407 for a loss of 12 pounds, and finally we see someone crack a smile. Jesse is the last person to weigh-in. He goes from 321 pounds to 305, for a loss of 16 pounds! Holy crap! Brendan looks completely dumbstruck. And completely dumb. Nice work, Jesse! The Blue Team has lost 62 pounds, 3.16%. Pretty good!

To win the weigh-in, which they maybe don't even want to do, the Black Team needs to have lost more than 52 pounds. Anna is first to weigh-in, and is feeling the pressure. Frado seems really nervous, and Jillian finally turns to him and says either way it will be okay. Sami notices this and asks Frado what's up, and why he seems to need so much calming tonight. Jillian explains that that she asked Frado to do something, namely not throw the weigh-in, and Frado thought that was bad strategy. Sami asks if there was discussion on the team about who they'd get rid of to get Patrick. Frado says that there was talk on both sides, and he's not sure how it's playing out, but it's all good. Sami awesomely pipes in with, "Not for someone!" Go, Sami! Frado's only retort to this awesome bit of obviousness is, "It's still a game."

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