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Anna steps to the scale and says that tonight will prove whether she can trust her Black Team. Even if they don't throw the weigh-in, she can't. Anna goes from 291 to 286, for a loss of 5 pounds. She starts to tear up, and Frado claps and loudly says, "Great." Anna checks herself, wipes her tears, and says, "Five pounds, I'm excited." But she can't even really enjoy it because of all of the douchebaggery that's happening. Elizabeth is up next. She goes from 223 to 218, also for a loss of 5 pounds. She looks completely downtrodden and says that she doesn't want to lose this for her team. Frado is up next. The moment of truth! Frado goes from 317 to 308, for a loss of 9. Well, I guess he gave it some sort of effort. Jillian's proud of him, but kind of mellow about it.

The remaining three Black players have to lose 33 pounds, which is a tall order. Ada steps to the scale. She goes from 224 to 215, for a loss of 9 pounds. Damn! This bitch is a machine. Rick is next, and goes from 297 to 287, for a loss of 10 pounds. He was expecting more and says he gave it his all. Jillian has to remind him that 10 pounds is a fabulous number, but Rick remains sullen. Only Brendan is left to weigh-in, and has to have lost more than 14 pounds. Not even counting the weigh-in, this seems difficult, though Jesse reminds us that if he could do it, Brendan could do it. Sami asks Brendan to talk about strategery, and he unconvincingly says he played it straight. Brendan goes from 315 to 313, for a loss of 2 pounds. Frado exclaims, "Come on." He actually seems surprised about it. Sami asks Brendan if he wants to rethink his statement that he played it straight. Brendan swears on his goddaughter's life that he did, which is extra callous considering Anna's situation. I hope all of the special needs kids he teaches give him shit beyond shit when he gets back in the classroom. What a tool. Brendan says that we're all thinking that he's a liar, but he gave Jillian and his teammates his word and he did not throw the weigh-in. Now we get to think extra that he's a liar, because he continues to lie to us! The Black Team lost 40 pounds, or 2.40%. Adam is the only member of the Blue Team who seems happy about their victory.

The Black Team gets an hour to decide who will be eliminated. Ada has the highest percentage of weight loss, and so is safe. You know what would be awesome? If the Black Team voted Brendan out. It never happens with the douchey big guys, but it really would be a victory for humanity. Liz thinks that she'll be voted off since her numbers have been so bad overall. I guess this is a possibility. Back at the house, Brendan swears again that he did not throw the weigh-in. Rick, who's totally safe, entreats the team to keep him. Anna says she wishes she would have done better, and Brendan asks her if she wants to go home. He's the worst. Anna says she doesn't, because she doesn't have support at home. Liz hopes that the team doesn't think that she hasn't tried. She also hopes that she'll finally hit the sweet spot this week and lose some weight. Frado tells us he has a feeling about what's about to go down, and says that the person who's going to be eliminated has no clue. We'll see if he's a liar, too!

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