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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Previously: Singles Irene and Don were teamed up by default, while Jen and Jay got shipped off to train with The Unknowns. Tonight: The Unknowns return to the ranch! And two poor schlubs get the boot.

We begin by checking in with The Unknowns at their top secret training center, which is also known as The Biggest Loser's most ambitious ploy yet to take your money: Fitness Ridge. From what they've shown us here, it's apparently a weight loss center with wood paneling, a bad cafeteria and no exercise equipment. Book your trip now! It is just over two days until The Unknowns rejoin the other contestants at the ranch. Trainer Brett pumps himself up by talking about what a battle it's going to be, and then makes his people punch things and wriggle across the lawn. The bad news about The Unknowns rejoining the ranch is that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Justin and Rulon.

Cara has The Unknowns throw heavy balls and sprint, and then they box each other. Girlfight! Q eschews the boxing training in favor of sulking by himself and punching the air. Cara is not having it. She approaches Q about what she sees as a major act of disrespect, and Rulon follows so he can yell at Q too. Giving Q the what-for is clearly Rulon's favorite activity. Q says that he's focusing on his burn, which he was not getting at the ring. Rulon continues to yell at him, and Q yells back, and it becomes a whole thing. Ken doesn't get involved, but in an interview basically tells us that Q is full of shit. Cara tells us that Q thinks he knows more than her, Brett, or the rest of The Unknowns. This, she assures us, is not the case. Cara and Q yell at each other, with Cara stressing the importance of being part of a team, and Q going on some more about his burn.

The ranch seems positively peaceful in comparison! The Knowns have an elimination coming up, so Bob puts some of the contestants through one of his self-proclaimed famous circuits for the last chance workout. Jillian works with Hannah, and tells us that her goal is to prove to Hannah that her body is strong and has healed from a litany of back issues and other massive injuries. Hannah was a high school athlete, but a fall down the stairs led to three slipped discs and emergency surgery. She had so much nerve damage that all of her discs broke into pieces. Her sports career was over, and her weight gain started. Hannah trusts Jillian, and believes her when she says there's nothing she can't do, including a backbend. Jillian assists as Hannah fully arches her back, which she hasn't been able to do in twelve years. She tells us that this is a huge turning point for her. Olivia is thrilled to see Hannah get her groove back. A formerly impossible backbend -- it's even better than monkey bread!

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