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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

With that, it's time for the first weigh-in of the episode. The Knowns line up, and then are joined by Jen and Jay, who of course trained with The Unknowns for a week. Jay explains that the training, food, and responsibilities were very different. They say that after a week away, they're even more certain that they made the right choice by training with Bob and Jillian. Bob and Jillian look kind of surly about this, and I'm not sure why. Step down from the 'roid rage and learn how to take a compliment!

Jay and Jen are first on the scale. Jen goes from 242 to 236, for a loss of 6 pounds, while Jay goes from 350 to 341 for a loss of 9 pounds. Not bad! That's 15 pounds total or 2.53%. Jay says that the last week was out of their comfort zone, but their numbers prove that their foundational learning from the first few weeks has been put to work. The Blue Team faces the scale next. Jesse tells us that they can't seem to get it together, and he's concerned. It seems that his concern is right on as we learn that Arthur has gone from 459 to 450, for a loss of 9 pounds, and Jesse has gone from 269 to 266 for a loss of 3. Arthur seems pretty happy with his number, and in fact isn't even all that torn up about Jesse's. They've lost 12 pounds total or 1.65%.

Marci and Courtney are up next, and as always Courtney is in constant inspirational speaker mode. She should just carry a megaphone around. To stay safe, they need to have lost more than 8 pounds. Marci goes from 211 to 208, for a loss of 3 pounds, while Courtney goes from 292 to 282 for a loss of 10! Well done. Courtney can't remember the last time she was in the 280s, and is extra motivated. The Aqua Team has lost 13 pounds or 2.58%. They're safe. The Purple Team is next on the scale and needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to remain on campus for another week. Olivia goes from 233 to 228, for a loss of 5 pounds, while Hanna goes from 220 pounds to 217, for a loss of 3 pounds or 1.77%. With a total of 8 pounds lost, they've squeaked on to safety. Hannah talks about her great backbend victory, and how it changed her life. She realized that she can help herself, and turned a huge corner. Jillian, as always, likes nothing more than changing someone's life for the better. She may have laryngitis, or else is raspy with emotion as she croaks out that she's really touched and that Hannah and Olivia are really great girls.

The default team of Don and Irene are last to weigh in. Jay tells us that part of him thinks that Arthur and Jesse deserve to fall below the yellow line. Jesse works really hard, but Arthur is all talk and little work, and it's bound to catch up with him. Together, Irene and Don need to have lost more than 8 pounds to stay safe. And then, holy hell. Irene goes from 224 to 230, for a GAIN of 6 pounds, while Don goes from 280 to 286, also for a gain of 6 pounds. What. The. French. How did Irene allow herself to be sucked into these shenanigans? She says that she did this for her team. Don is ready to go home, and to ensure that their teammates stay safe, they both waterloaded or cheesecake loaded or whatever it is that you do to gain six pounds in a week. Eat 17 million packs of Extra Sugar-Free Gum. Don says that he's not necessarily playing the game, but it's a good strategic move. Jillian gives a severe eye roll of repressed rage slash ambivalence.

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