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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Bob says that Don is heaving a mental sigh of relief. This place isn't for everyone, and Bob hopes that when he sees Don at the finale he will have gotten something out of his time on the ranch. Bob in fact thinks that being on the ranch would have an adverse effect on Don the longer that he's there. He wants Don to step off the scale, put on his shirt, and let the rest of these folks get back on the treadmill. Sami cuts the formalities and doesn't make everyone bother going into the elimination room and reveal their dinner plate votes. She asks for a show of hands, and it's a unanimous decision to eliminate Don. Don tells us that this isn't how he hoped it would turn out, but it would be almost criminal for him to stay on the ranch in his current frame of mind and send Jesse or Arthur home. It was a wise man who once said you've got to know when to fold 'em.

With Don out of the way, it's time for The Unknowns to finally return. Rulon and Justin are first to emerge, and have lost 63 and 57 pounds, respectively. The Brown Team is next, and we learn that Ken has lost 42 pounds and Austin has lost 54. For the Pink Team, Deni has lost 35 pounds and Sarah has lost 30. The polarizing Q has lost 39 pounds, while his Red Team partner and I think wife, Larialmy, has lost 31. Next we see the Gray Team, and there's a lot of talk about how much smaller Moses looks. His numbers back it up too. He's lost 75 pounds, while Kaylee has lost 29.

Sami tells The Unknowns that their heady days of immunity have come to an end. Additionally, there are two separate competitions this week. Sami announces that The Knowns lost a total of 48 pounds as a group last week. This week, if they can beat that number, they'll get immunity for everyone. If they don't, they'll have to send someone home. In this situation, that 12-pound gain of Don and Irene has to be a giant boon. Meanwhile, one of The Unknown teams will fall below the yellow line and they'll have to vote somebody off, in the usual way.

The Unknowns get sent to the gym, and Cara and Brett head there to meet them. Cara looks kind of nervous, and Brett admits that it's intimidating to be in the house that Bob and Jill built. Cara reintroduces herself to us -- I think it's the same package that we saw a few weeks ago. Ditto Brett. With everyone in the gym, Cara and Brett's beatings begin. The Knowns are in the gym too, but without Bob and Jillian's tutelage. Justin, who looks like he's about to have some sort of medical emergency, says it's all very exciting. Austin is happy to have access to equipment that they've been lacking so far. Rulon senses that The Knowns are giving some hairy and/or suspicious eyeballs. Arthur notes that Rulon is a mountain of a man, but he moves like a gazelle. He is oddly light on his feet. It may have something to do with his Humpty Dumpty figure. Such little legs he has! Rulon breaks two treadmills, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

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