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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Austin explains to us that The Unknowns have been working with Brett on metabolic resistance training. The point of it all is to do something at the beginning of the workout that spikes your heart rate and just keep going. Sounds exhausting. There is also lots of boxing with Cara, of course. The Unknowns look pretty serious, I have to say. Moses tells us that when he's working out, his biggest motivation is his family. As he works out, he always says their names. But he's realizing that this is the time for him to change. And so he starts saying his own name over and over again as he boxes Cara. She likes it. I'm tempted to make a bedroom joke, but in the context of Moses that makes me feel icky and weird. Meanwhile, Q is feeling the pressure since there's an impending elimination. Sarah thinks that this week it will come down to the Pink Team versus the Red Team. The Pink ladies are smaller and can't pull big numbers, and Deni notes that Q has a lot of weight to lose.

With that, it's time for a gym-based challenge. Sami announces that it's a challenge for The Unknowns only, and the winning team will get immunity. Each team will have a scale, and the teams will have to load weights on the scales of their competitors. Only one person from each team can carry weights, so they'll have to take turns. Once a team has 500 pounds on their scale they're out, and the last remaining team will win. Moses is determined to make sure that Q and Larialmy do not get immunity, since they're a weaker team and a natural choice to get the boot.

The challenge begins, and everyone immediately gangs up on the Red Team. Sami asks what's up with that, and Q is also curious about what the hell is going on. Sarah tells us in plain terms that this is all about Q's lack of effort. Justin rambles on about going to war with your heavyweights. Sarah joyfully takes out the Red Team, and Larialmy is clearly upset. Q notes that all the family, family, family talk is bullcrap. Next, everyone targets the Brown Team. They get several weights on the Pink scale before they're eliminated. The Gray and Yellow Teams work together to eliminate Pink, and then battle each other for the prize. The Gray Team saved all their big weights, which turned out to be a pretty good strategy. Moses and Kaylee have only five pound weights, and are scurrying to try to pile them up fast. In the end, the Yellow Team wins and are characteristically annoying about it, even while Rulon professes his guilt. They all put in their hands and do a cheer of, "Family!" which I guess is this season's "Pride on three!" Lord help us.

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