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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

While The Knowns are ecstatic about their immunity, The Unknowns look quite dour. It's time for their weigh-in. Challenge winners and immunity holders Justin and Rulon are up first. Justin goes from 308 to 292 for a loss of 16 pounds, while Rulon goes from 411 to 394 for a loss of 17. Holy shit. I guess it's amazing what people can accomplish when they have access to an elliptical machine. The Red Team is up next, and Q feels like he has something to prove. He goes from 398 to 385 for a loss of 13 pounds, while Larialmy goes from 270 to 259 for a loss of 11. Something: proven. I guess there was something to that burn theory of his. The Red Team has lost 24 pounds, or 3.59%. The Pink Team assumes that they are screwed.

Next up is the Brown Team. They need to have lost more than 24 pounds to be guaranteed safety. Austin goes from 342 to 326 for a loss of 16 pounds, while Ken goes from 335 to 321, for a loss of 14. These guys are putting up gigantic numbers. Maybe it's the strict Jennie-O and Extra Sugar Free Gum diet. The Brown Team has lost 30 pounds, or 4.43%. They're safe. The Gray Team is up next and needs to have lost more than 20 pounds to be guaranteed safety. They realize that this might be a tall order. Moses goes from 365 to 351, for a loss of 14 pounds, while Kaylee goes from 204 to 195 for a loss of 9 pounds. This is insane! They're, like, melting. Kaylee hasn't weighed in the hundreds for a long time, and is clearly very emotional to have reached that milestone. The Brown Team has lost 23 pounds, or 4.04%.

There is only the Pink Team to weigh in, and either they or the Red Team will fall below the yellow line. They will need to have lost more than 16 pounds to stay safe. Sarah goes from 231 to 222, for a loss of 9 pounds, while Deni goes from 221 to 210 for a loss of 11. What are they feeding (or not feeding) these people? With those fantastic numbers, the Pink Team is safe. They've lost 20 pounds, or 4.42%. This means that one of the Red Team members will be eliminated.

Q and Larialmy plead their joint case, which is that Larialmy should go home. Q says that he knows for a fact that he won't be able to do at home the things he's done on campus. But he knows so much about calorie burn methods! Justin wants Q to give his word to Larialmy that he won't cheat her out of this. He wants Q to have something to hold him accountable every day, or end up going home and telling Larialmy what a loser he is. And not a loser of weight. Q tells Larialmy that if he stays he won't come home the same person, either mentally or physically. Sarah admits that this is a hard decision for her since Larialmy has more to learn, even though she has a support system at home. She'd have more success on the ranch, and Q could give her the gift of letting her stay while he goes home and figures out how to man up and make it work. Q clearly does not want to do this. He says that, though it's hard to admit, he hasn't reached the point where he can do it on his own. Sarah asks what will happen if they choose differently. Larialmy says that they've grown to be a family, and if they love and respect her they won't hurt her like that. Rulon says that they won't have a weak team, and are in fact tired of dragging Q's ass. They want him to give 100%.

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