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Larialmy, We Hardly Knew Ye

In the elimination room, Q and Larialmy are hoping that the rest of The Unknowns honor their wishes. The Pink Team at least is torn up about it -- they were looking forward to dumping Q and keeping the hard-working Larialmy, but it seems like kind of a punk move to do so. They vote to oust Larialmy. The Gray and Yellow Teams also vote for Larialmy, and the deal is done. Q cries a bunch and thanks everyone for ignoring their own judgment to keep him there. He asks them not to give up on him, and even Justin sheds a tear. Everyone does their, "Family!" salute and Larialmy takes her leave. She tells us that this is the most difficult thing she's endured, and though it's been a wonderful journey it's been a hard one. Being on the show has helped her to form a new person and fall in love with herself again. Other than the weight loss, she's most proud of the confidence she's gained. The next time we see Larialmy, she'll be half the woman that she was when she first arrived on the show.

Larialmy started at 301 pounds, and now she weighs 227 - that's a total of 74 pounds lost. She looks so much happier, too - maybe it's because she left Q back at the ranch? Since being home, Larialmy feels amazing. She's been jogging, and is determined to become a runner. She's also been working out with her sisters a lot, and is enjoying sharing her learning with her family. Larialmy says that this is a lifestyle change, and she sees a healthier self ahead. Larialmy hopes to one day open a wellness center so she can help others achieve their fitness goals.

Oh! And there's Don too! He tells us that he never again wants to be put in a position where he's this unhappy. He's optimistic about going home. Don started at 309 pounds, and now weighs 222 - that's 87 pounds lost. Since Don has gotten home, he's become committed to following through with this. He had Dan go to the gym together several times a week. And there's a family dinner! Don's son Paul disowned him because he was fat, and though this seems cruel, Don credits this "tough love" for motivating him to lengthen his time on this earth. Paul is happy, in a monotone, understated, almost imperceptible way. Don's daughter Courtney says that he is her hero, and she's excited to see these things happening because it means that their lives are going to be a lot better. Don says that he had fractured his family and was at a loss. Now it's so much better. His participation in The Biggest Loser has been a godsend, even if he couldn't wait to get the fuck off the ranch. Don has set a goal to lose fifty percent of his starting weight by the finale.

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