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We begin the fifth episode of the season with a recap of events so far, what with the couples coming to the ranch, then one of each pair getting sent home, and then coming back. The contestants coming back are Aubrey, a mother of five; Laura, a former model who has former-model complex; Sione, a father of two from the magical land of Tonga where people love you more if you're fat; Shannon, a nutbag flour-thrower; Cathy, a mom and a recovering alcoholic; and Carla, who will cut you. And now the at-home players get to weigh in and show if they were hitting the treadmill or the buffet during their month away from the ranch!

Bob tells his team that things have gotten very competitive in the house, and everyone needs to be on point. Jillian greets her team to see that Dan and Dave are gone. She's not surprised, and interviews that historically Bob does not allow his team members to vote of their own accord. Now Bob has five teams of two while Jillian has three. Jillian asks her at-home players how much weight they think they lost, and Aubrey starts to break down. Jillian tells Aubrey that she's back, and now's her chance to get up to speed, so she should stop crying and be stoked.

And then without further ado there's a weigh-in for the returning at-home contestants! There are some nerves happening on the part of the contestants and the trainers. Sami announces that the winner of the weigh-in will get immunity for his or her team this week. Good stuff! Shannon is first on the scale. She's nervous, but says that she did everything right at home. She goes from 270 to 255 for a loss of 15 pounds in 30 days. She gets a big cheer from everyone, but is disappointed that she didn't lose more. She starts to cry. Bob tells her that the contestants in the house are losing crazy numbers because this is their full-time job now, without the pesky distractions of work or kids or housecleaning or hours upon hours spent on YouTube, replaying the video where Bruce Springsteen aggressively slides his balls into the collective face of America during the Super Bowl halftime show. In sum, losing 15 pounds in a month is something to celebrate. Jillian agrees that it's not realistic to go home and lose the same amount that the contestants on the ranch are losing. Eventually Shannon settles down and her mom holds her and tells her not to cry. Shannon's percentage lost is 5.56%, which is of course quite good and provides her a context clue that she should stop being such a baby.

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