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When we return, Tracey cackles as she shows the camera her golden ticket. Meanwhile, the other contestants talk about what Tracey might do, and are in agreement that she'll take the road most shitty and do what she has to so the teams are stacked in her favor. Amanda is freaking out at the thought of being wrenched apart from Bob, but Shay tearfully says that whatever teams they're on, they'll be fine. She adds that Tracey might have control over the teams, but she doesn't have control over the fact that they can work their asses off to beat the yellow line. Dina, meanwhile, is panicking about the thought of being separated from her teammate, Rudy. If he's not on her team, she says, she'll have no one to count on but herself. Now, if Dr. Phillian were here, she'd say it's about time to stop the codependency and learn to rely on yourself. Rudy tells Dina that if they're on different teams they'll lose the ability to support each other in the voting process, but they'll still be friends. He adds that Dina will find that she can depend on herself as well, and says it'll be okay no matter what happens.

Tracey holds the golden ticket in her hot devil hands as the rest of the contestants line up to learn their fates. Bob and Jillian enter at this point and instantly deduce what's going on. Jillian can't believe that Crazy Tracey is the one who's in control of the situation. She and Bob stand there as Tracey announces which of them will be her trainer. She says that she has a real connection with Bob, and so chose him. Bob is clearly not thrilled and just says, "Wow." Jillian tells us that Tracey has no connection with Bob, and this is just her way of getting out of the ass-whipping that Jillian has been waiting to deliver her for three or four weeks. She adds, "All I want to do is just pound her within an inch of her life and teach her what this place is really about." To her credit, she doesn't call Tracey an asshole to her face. Though I guess at this point she doesn't have to. Tracey puts on her new blue shirt. She then announces that Daniel will be on the Black Team. Mo will be on the Blue Team. Shay is on the Black Team, which makes her happy. Tracey says that she put Shay and Daniel on a team together because she chose with her heart. Interesting to learn that she has one. [I think she was just afraid that Daniel would kick her ass. -- Angel]

The next Blue Team member is Allen. Abby will be on the Black Team. She seems happy enough about this, though Allen looks disappointed that they have been split up. Liz interviews that Tracey won't make eye contact with her, which is doubtless an indication that she intends to do Liz wrong. Tracey chooses Liz for the Blue Team, and as Liz joins the team and hugs Tracey she cries and says she's scared that Danny won't be with them. She sobs that she needs her partner, and looks like she's going to have a total mental crack. And then she does have a mental crack as Tracey announces that Danny will be on the Black Team. Danny is pissed because he wanted Bob, and wanted to be with Liz. He looks for blood on his shirt because a knife has been stuck in his back. Liz tells us that her soul has been killed, and she's soullessly mad as all get-out. Rudy is the next member of the Blue Team. Dina fidgets nervously. Tracey announces that Amanda will be on the Black Team. Amanda, who has seriously bonded with Bob, is very upset. Bob is disappointed too, since he is very connected to Amanda, but tells Amanda that Jillian will take good care of her.

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