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And then we return and the Blue Team wins. Liz is excited, but is also still ready to send Tracey home ASAP. The Black Team finishes, just for sport. Sami hands the Blue Team members their videos from home, and Rebecca notes that everyone on the Black Team wanted videos, but Dina was especially upset. She goes to Dina and hands over her video. Why would Dina want to see a message from, like, Rebecca's mom? Rebecca whispers in her ear, "Now get on that platform." And then Dina says that she can't accept the video. She has to get on the platform on her own. Well, jeez, then do it already! If she doesn't get on that platform by the end of the episode, this will officially be the most depressing subplot ever.

The Blue Team members watch their videos and Dina must be especially glad that she didn't accept the tape with Rebecca's sister singing a ridiculous atonal song. Rebecca likes it, though. She tells us that she was always the "big" little sister, and one of her goals is for her sister to be able to give her a piggyback ride and not have her knees broken because of it. Tracey's husband seems surprisingly non-crazy at first glance. Coach Mo's grandkids are pretty freaking cute. Rudy's wife tells him that she's holding him to living until their 75th anniversary with his new healthy self. There's lots of love and happiness everywhere, and Allen cries as the video with his wife and daughter ends. Oh, and wait. Upon a second scene from Tracey's husband's video, it strikes me that they have a lot of paintings of American flags in their house. I'm just saying that sometimes crazy starts at home. Or that the devil is appeased by patriotism, or at least he was in the Bush years. Mr. Tracey leaves the camera like the video is ending, but then jumps back on to deter her from wanting to come home because he's sad. He has a catchphrase: "Pain is temporary, pride is forever." And the Prince of Darkness is your companion through all seven circles of hellish purgatory. Flamey!

Oh, but wait, the videos are not yet over. Liz invites Danny to watch her video with her. But wait! It's Danny's video! Aww, he has some cute dogs. And kids. Danny cries, noting that Liz gave up her family video for him. He can't believe it, and feels unworthy. He learns that the people he cares about are losing weight, and his pretty wife tells him not to worry about them, because all they want is for him to focus on staying above the yellow line. His wife calls him "dad," which I always think is kind of weird. But Danny thinks it's perfectly normal, and is reenergized by the experience.

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