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Last chance workout! Jillian is focused on getting her team to work together. Dina tells us that the Black Team has a huge advantage in Jillian, who knows what to do when, and has a proven track record. Bob, meanwhile, thinks that when things go to teams people lose focus and lose track of why they're there in the first place. He takes his team to 24-Hour Fitness for some step aerobics. Disco-y! Amanda is kind of glad that she can't see Bob shaking his booty, since she can finally give her all to a workout with Jillian. Tracey walks on a treadmill and Bob can barely conceal his disgust in having to deal with her. Bob's team goes from Disco-cise to the regular gym for fun workout times. And then, the Black Team has one final challenge. To get Dina's ass on the platform. Dina tries and tries and tries but can't get it. She assures us that from our couches we really don't get to see all the time and effort and determination and hardship and struggle and pain that happens at the ranch. Jillian interviews that we all have something that we can't overcome or break through. She has hers, we have ours, and Dina has hers. And with time and work, Jillian says, Dina will conquer it. But not, apparently, today. So this is a multi-episode arc? Crazy, and also likely the work of Satan.

And, finally, it's time for the weigh-in. We have been told throughout the show that the Black Team is the underdog in this situation, but I'm actually not so sure about that. But it's Jillian's victory narrative, so we'll probably hear it again before the season is over. Sami explains that the team with the greatest percentage of weight loss will win the weigh-in. The other team will have to send someone home. The person from the losing team with the highest percentage of weight lost has immunity and can't be eliminated.

Tracey is up first. If other people had the power of the Dark Lord, they would totally use it on her. But they don't, and she would like them to stop whining, shut up, and be adults. Easy to say when Beelzebub has your back. Tracey goes from 213 to 206 for a loss of 7. It's called the Lucifer's liposuction. Tracey is very excited. Everyone else is shocked and disgusted. Tracey feels their eye-daggers, but wards them off with a psychotic "Ding ding ding ding ding" of slot machines that she hears in her head. Coach Mo is up next. He goes from 318 to 312 for a loss of 6 pounds. He's pretty happy, given that he's been dealing with injuries. The Blue Team's total lost is .78% so far. Allen is next. He goes from 285 to 278 for a loss of 7. He's relatively happy, though he would have liked to have lost a few more pounds. The Blue Team's total is now 1.19%.

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