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Allen tells us that when the Blue Team left the weigh-in, they knew who would be voted off. Ding dong, you know? The Blue Team huddles back at the house, and Rudy says that they have to think about keeping strong members for future challenges. Tracey advocates for herself, saying that she's proven herself by putting up good numbers every week. She's also proven herself to be a messenger of evil, which is why she's in this predicament in the first place. But then Coach Mo gets a conscience. He says that from a team perspective, he's the one who hasn't been able to carry his weight. He's gone from one issue/injury to another, and tells the team that they know what they have to do. Rebecca is in WTF mode. I'll tell her what's up: Coach Mo fears the devil. You can't blame him. He felt that wind. Even Liz is starting to have second thoughts, and seems primed to let Mo fall upon the sacrificial sword if he wants to. She wonders if keeping Tracey in the game can benefit her down the line. Answer: no. Get rid of the bitch. Winged angels will fight on your behalf. Tracey and Mo leave, and the other team members discuss. Allen acknowledges that at this point in time, Tracey is stronger than Mo. Rudy reminds Allen that Tracey is a force of evil and misery. He thinks they're a stronger team with Coach Mo there. Rebecca still wants to boot Tracey, as does Rudy, but the other two are wavering. Gah.

The Blue Team meets Sami in the elimination room. Liz is first to vote. And votes for Mo! Oh, the crap! Rudy votes for Mo. Tracey drama queens about how much she hates being in the elimination room and how much she loves Coach Mo, even though she totally made his life miserable even if he didn't acknowledge it because of his fear of Satan. Rebecca also votes for Coach Mo, and he's out. That is so fucked. Coach Mo cries and gives a motivational speech. I think he's just tired and wants to go home, but it's kind of a backhanded sword-falling when he's eliminated his awesome presence from the Blue Team and left them with Crazy Tracey. Mo tells us that before he came to the ranch he had forgotten who he was. He's found strong resolve, is much more knowledgeable, stayed true to who he is, and learned who he was. He's ready to make a change, yeah, do it today, at home. When we see him again, Mo says, he will have hit his mark or beyond. He won't be on the sidelines -- he'll be in the game.

We catch up with Coach Mo at home. He says there's no way to talk about how bad he felt health-wise when he arrived at the show. He started at 355 pounds. He now weighs 279, and has lost 76 pounds. And is looking sharp! He tells us that the show saved his life, and he preaches it to everybody. He's now on his journey, and is also putting other people on the journey. Including kids! Coach Mo runs an organization focused on exercise and nutrition. Now he doesn't just tell the kids what to do -- he shows them. He tells us that if he can do it, anyone can. Coach Mo works out every day with his student athletes in hopes of losing 150 pounds by the finale. Go, him! Except for the part where he sacrificed himself so Tracey could stay. I hope the devil made a big donation to his non-profit.

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