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This Little Miggy Went to Hospital
tually quite arduous. Michael bops along to some '80s music in his mind, and gets into a good rhythm. Darrell notes that Drea was up against some big boys, so he basically has no faith that she can win, and just hopes she won't come in last. At about the midpoint, the Gray, Red and White Teams are all pretty close. Michael is infused with the spirit of REO Speedwagon, and is going to keep on loving the football challenge. He knows that Sam is a fierce competitor, so steps up his game even higher.

Koli cheers on Sam from the sidelines, and Sam starts to get an inkling that Michael is a threat. At around 15 minutes, Michael takes the lead! He is totally rocking out to some mental Flock of Seagulls now. Or maybe Salt N Pepa's "Push It"? Sam gives it a good push at the end, but it isn't enough and Michael wins! Sam is pissed, and after being bleeped admits to being a sore loser. In a surprise to no one, Sherry comes in last. The Pink Team is pretty upset about the two-pound penalty.

We then catch up with Miggy. She saw Dr. Huizenga, who thought she was suffering from appendicitis. In no time, she headed into the operating room. Indeed, the doctors took out her appendix, a cyst, and a mass. Holy crap! Miggy says she's sore but doesn't feel as tired and beat down as she was before. Dr. H. told her that all she can do is walk, and Miggy says she'll walk from the ranch to Puerto Rico if she has to. That's pretty bad-ass, actually. I'd totally be crying in bed and going on a Stevie Nicks YouTube binge. Which is basically what I've been doing for the past week even without appendicitis!

It is evening, and Michael and Miggy walk together. Michael tells her not to overdo it, since he can't afford for her to go home, too. What an interesting duo! I had no idea they were friends. Oh, God, and then there's a product placement for Yoplait frozen smoothies. With live and active cultures!

Dr. H. checks up on Miggy on her second day post-surgery. She has a little discomfort. Dr. H. is amazed to hear that she walked 13 miles the day after surgery. She says she has too much at stake, since so many of her family members are apparently dying of obesity-related illnesses. Dr. H. says he'll let her stay, but she has to do a few things differently: 1) she has to eat more; 2) she can't do anything that causes jiggling to her abdomen -- e.g. bending or sit-ups -- and has to back off when she feels pain. And then there's Miggy's big problem, which is that they had to pour salt water into her abdomen during surgery. Right now she has an additional eight or nine pounds of salt water that she's carrying around. That's an appropriate response in reaction to inflammation, and part of the healing mechanism. But it kind of sucks for Miggy. She's really upset, and says that she doesn't feel like she can make it if she goes home. She's also not feeling so confident about her chances on the scale. If she goes home, she says, she'll feel like she failed her daughter and herself. But it's totally not her fault! Appendicitis, man!

Bob and Jillian enter the gym for the last chance workout, and learn about the challenge winners and losers. They also learn about Miggy's surgery. She tells them about it while she's walking on the treadmill, because she's hardcore. She also notes that she was filled with fluid at last week's weigh-in, which resulted in her poor numbers. Miggy is also really torn up about not having Migdalia there anymore. Bob notes that stress can kill you in The Biggest Loser house, and he's not sure if Miggy has the will to keep on fighting. She has the will, I think, but also the fluid. It's a toss-up. In other last chance workout news, John does sprints for the first time! And Bob is overwhelmed by the drama and the trauma. But still, the beatings continue.

Jillian gives Ashley a hard time about her slackitude on the treadmill. She tells us that there's no fire lit under Ashley, and with a two-pound disadvantage, she needs to get moving. Ashley gets upset at how Jillian is talking to her, which gives Dr. Phillian a chance to get in a dig about her self-image. Dr. P. then asks Ashley what's made life so painful that she's now manifesting her own death. Manifest death-tiny! Ashley shrugs and cries and finally says, "The fact that I had to watch my father die in front of my face." Oh, there's that. Jillian takes her outside, and tells us that one of the most difficult pieces of baggage to carry around in life is regret about someone you've lost. Ashley had unresolved issues with her father, and instead of dealing with these unresolved issues she's been eating, smoking, and drinking. She's in a lot of pain. Dr. Phillian gets out of Ashley that she got a lot of verbal crap from her dad about her size. It made her feel terrible, even though she knew her dad loved her. When he was dying she didn't come home because she couldn't deal with it. When she finally did get home he couldn't talk anymore, and died the next day. Aw, fuck, I just started to cry. Just when I think I'm steely enough to survive this show, this happens. Jillian wants Ashley to say anything she'd say to her father right now. Ashley says that he hurt her feelings all the time, and she's sorry that she wasn't there. Ugh.

Back in the gym, Jillian has her beginning joggers get on the treadmill for five minutes. Sunshine is not so sure about this turn of events, but Stephanie cheers everyone on. And everyone does it! Sunshine included. Stephanie notes that they're all capable of more things than they think. Bob then has everyone do a yoga session to calm their minds.

Sunshine and O'Neal have the only vote, which shall be delivered with a soothing easy listening melody. O'Neal has a little talk with Sunshine, to explain that she doesn't have to feel bad about their decision and that sometimes game play is necessary. If they have to roll over, step, or crush somebody to get ahead, he'll do it. He wants confetti coming down on his head in the end. Sunshine trusts her dad, and is basically going to go along with whatever he wants to do.

Weigh-in! Miggy is 100% more likable since her surgery, and also kicked butt with the walking. The Yellow Team is happy to be there. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line and one of them will be voted off by Sunshine and O'Neal. If a team with only one player falls below the yellow line, that person will be automatically eliminated. Oh, I hope it's not Miggy.

Sunshine and O'Neal are first on the scale. Sunshine goes from 250 to 245 for a loss of 5 pounds, while O'Neal goes from 338 to 333, also for a loss of 5. That's 10 pounds total or 1.7%, which they seem relatively happy about. O'Neal says that he recognizes he's going to have to put more work in, and wants to drop double digits in the future. Michael also has immunity, so weighs in next. He goes from 456 to 443 for a loss of 13 pounds or 2.85%. He's lost 83 pounds in five weeks, and if he makes it to 100 pounds lost next week that will be the fastest of any contestant. He seems really motivated, and feels great.

With the immune folks taken care of, the real weigh-in begins. The Pink Team is up first with their two-pound disadvantage. Ashley goes from 326 to 317 for a loss of 9, while Sherry goes from 186 to 180 for a loss of 6. Solid numbers all around! That's 15 pounds total. With their two-pound disadvantage, their percentage lost is 2.54%. That's pretty decent. The Red Team is next. Melissa goes from 203 to 198 for a loss of 5 pounds, while Lance goes from 318 to 314 for a loss of 4. That's 9 pounds total. Melissa says that even if the Red Team is below the yellow line, she hit a big milestone by getting under 200. The trainers look either puzzled or skeptical. Lance is disappointed. And Melissa is disappointed in him, too. Nice. They've lost 1.73%, which means the Pink Team is improbably safe.

The Orange Team is up next, and they need to have lost more than 8 pounds to stay safe. Cheryl goes from 197 to 194 for a loss of 3 pounds, while Daris goes from 295 to 283 for a loss of 12. Go, Da

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