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No one asked, but I shall tell you what I did today to make me feel proud. I walked a few extra blocks at lunch, because it was such a beautiful day out and I preemptively wanted to burn off my burrito. Though I was wearing new boots and thus got a mother of a blister, proving to me that a life of sloth is actually better for your health. Hard to argue with that logic, isn't it?

We flash back to last week's elimination, where Rick was voted out. Frado says that he feels like he betrayed Rick a little bit. In fact, Frado betrayed Rick a lot. We can only hope that the guilt causes some sort of a meltdown that is then exploited by Dr. Phillian. Sami tells the contestants that there's one more order of business, and so calls in Patrick and the Blue Team. As much as they have come to count on their teammates, Sami says, this is a week to keep friends close and enemies closer. At the weigh-in, only one person's weight will count for each team, and it will be up to the opposite team to decide whose weight will count. AND the teams won't know whose weight will count until the weigh-in. Sami babbles dramatically, but we've already gotten the gist of it. People seem a little freaked out about it, but mostly weary of all the bullshit.

Jesse's alarm goes off and he takes off his sleep apnea mask. He tells us that he's a target this week because he had such a big number next week. The opposition may believe that he's due for a low loss. Jessica is in a similar boat because she usually has low numbers. And so at 7:00 AM, Jesse and Jessica hit the gym. At 9:00, Bob is in the gym along with everyone else on the Blue Team. On the other side of the gym, Jillian tells the Black Team members her plan to cardio-burn them into the ground. She tells us that Elizabeth has historically had really low numbers, so is a clear target. And then Liz can't keep up on the treadmill with everyone else and keeps jumping off. Jillian tells her to focus, and that she can do it. Liz stays hunched over and still, and Jillian tells her to get on the treadmill. If someone goes home because Liz is having drama over having a minute-long sprint, it means bigger trouble for everyone. Anna, meanwhile, reminds us that her team is liable to boot her at any moment.

Before the Black Team is done with their series of sprints, Frado steps off the treadmills, whips out a bleeped expletive, and heads to the doors. Jillian tells us that Frado is a pain in the ass. He's like the Godfather -- a master manipulator -- and doesn't want to push or do the work. Additionally, he's pissed because Jillian is blowing his plan. Frado gets back on the treadmill and unsuccessfully tries to keep up on the sprint. He instantly starts moaning and screaming and struggling, and Jillian repeatedly tells him to jump off. He does not, and ends up taking a digger on the treadmill. He rolls off, bounces his butt on the ground, and then screams something unintelligible, but doubtlessly not nice. Jillian could seriously give two shits. She remains calm and tells Frado that he's tense, leaning forward, and has no form. Frado yells more expletives, and I think says that he's trying. Jillian says that Frado just stands on ceremony and wasn't even running that fast. He just wants the drama. As Frado walks off, Jillian works out the rest of her team.

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