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And then, quite hilariously, Jillian does an interview as Frado is walking off in the distance. You can see him getting smaller behind her. She says. "This is the problem. This would never happen with Bob. You know that, right? This is like an alpha male thing. This would never happen with Bob. Never. Not in a million years. It's like, wait a minute dude, hold on, just let me get this straight. You can, like, gripe and bitch and moan and gripe and bitch and moan and then who are you going to send home, Anna? That's what you're going to do?" She is so totally right. Also, Jillian hates these idiots so much. She rarely does well with the big doofus guys.

Meanwhile, Anna is having a breakdown due to all the arguing. Jillian tells her that she's not arguing, so doesn't need to worry about it. She adds that Anna should keep moving, and Anna nods. Jillian tells us that the problem with teams is that other people pay the price for the actions of the assholes. So Frado phones it in and sucks, and Anna will pay the price. The Blue team remains relatively functional and happy. They also can sprint sans drama. Jillian boxes with Frado, and he apologizes and says he doesn't want her to think that he disrespected her. Jillian tells us that Frado is so busy playing the game, and if she can break through just a little bit he might start focusing on what's important and stop wreaking havoc in the house. Or, as Jillian says, "wrecking havoc." Wrecking havoc actually sounds like a positive step in this case.

Jillian asks Frado if his whole life is such a struggle, and he says that he's struggling with his body and he took it out on her. She thinks he's having a deep, historical reaction, and asks if he's felt before like he's not validated or heard. Frado says he can't tell her, because he doesn't remember his childhood. Well that's not a sign of some deep psychological trauma or anything. Jillian's ears perk up. Frado apparently moved out of his parents' home when he was 17 because he brawled with his father all the time. They're both thickheaded, Frado says, and they still brawl. He acknowledges that now he's brawling with Jillian. His rebellious behavior is only sticking himself, and he needs to figure out how to turn it around. The fact that Frado even wanted to talk to Jillian is major progress, and he says that he wants to figure out why his emotions get so out of control and be able to rein them in. Aw, maybe Frado isn't such a jerk after all. I mean, it's still early in the episode so I'm not placing bets yet.

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