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Blame It on the Blaine

Mandi introduces Rusty and her kids, Dawson and Remington - nicknamed "The Creek" and "Steele" -- to the rest of the house. The Creek says he wants ice cream for breakfast. Everyone is like, "Us too, pal." Instead, Mandi makes them a healthy breakfast. It involves bacon, albeit turkey bacon, so I think it's still probably pretty delicious. Mandi takes her husband and kids to the gym to give them a taste of her life, and Rusty agrees that it's super hard. Rusty interviews that he's really proud of Mandi and glad that she stuck to her guns about going on the show. The kids have a ball in the gym, and Mandi can't wait to show Jillian and the rest of her team how good this family visit has been for her.

Meanwhile, Bob is a menace in a golf cart! He's thrilled to learn that Kristin and Cathy beat the Green Team and won immunity. They get to ride with him in the golf cart as a bonus prize. And then it's time for the last chance workout! Bob is determined that the Brown Team won't be under the yellow line again. If they are, they'll have proved to be the team that even Bob can't help. Mike is really hurting. Ron wants to run up and help him, but knows that he needs to push through on his own. ["Plus, there's that whole bum knee and can't run thing. He'd never make it there in time." -- AC] Mike is feeling the pressure, and starts to break down. Bob notes that the reality of his father is setting in more than ever for Mike. If Ron wasn't in the house, Bob interviews, he'd be on the road to death, and that's a huge wake-up call for Mike.

Jillian works out her team with bloody, brutal, crappy, miserable, exhausting beatings that last all day and all night. Her words. Tara is really nervous. She's had big numbers the last several weeks, and fears that her body might take a week off. Blaine says that everyone has great numbers, and there's no room for a bad week. Jillian explains that she's killing her team because they have no votes. If they fall below the yellow line, they're out. She has to beat huge numbers out of them, she says, and acknowledges that at some point someone's going to have a goose-egg on the scale. Aubrey interviews that she's had trouble focusing with Mandi's family there, and doesn't feel like she can give 100%. She misses her family, too, and worries about them. Jillian asks Aubrey repeatedly what she's going to do, and Aubrey starts to cry. She says it's frustrating not to have control over what's happening at home. A part of her wants to go home. Jillian tells her that her health must come first, if for nothing else than to set an example for her kids. Jillian says that there's drama, and contestants are weak and breaking down, and it's exhausting and miserable. She admits that she knows where they're coming from, and it sucks.

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