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Mandi then starts weeping that she wants to spend her last hour with her husband and kids. Jillian is not feeling it, but eventually lets Mandi go. She points out to everyone else that Mandi has been with her family all day long and hasn't worked out at all. This is inconvenient given that the weigh-in is tomorrow. Mandi says goodbye to her kids, who are totally bawling. Aw, man. Rusty is tearing up, too. He interviews that it's tough to support Mandi, given that her family needs her at home. But he knows that if she doesn't think he supports her it will be too hard for her to continue. So he does support her in the end. Mandi notes that on this visit she saw vulnerability in her husband for the first time. Rusty admits in an interview that he wants to tell her to jump in the van and go home with them, but he knows that this is something that she needs to do and is the right decision for her. Not the ringing endorsement I might want from my partner, but also not complete douchebaggery.

With that, it's weigh-in time! Sami explains that only one team will fall below the yellow line tonight, and everyone will vote to send home one member of that team. Oh, balls! The Purple Team and their immunity are weighed first. Kristin starts to get emotional about the prospect of being below 300 pounds. While Cathy goes from 268 to 264 for a loss of 4, Kristin goes from 301 to 303 for a GAIN of two! Bob looks shocked as Jillian busts out the half-smirk. Water games? In any case, they have immunity and so are safe, and the real weigh-in begins!

The Pink Team steps on the scale. Shannon goes from 246 to 241 for a loss of 5, while Helen goes from 216 to 211 for a loss of 5. That's ten pounds total, or 2.16%. The Green Team is next. Tara interviews that all week she's been questioning whether Laura has been doing enough. She might be on to something as Laura goes from 252 to 249 for a loss of 3, while Tara goes from 240 to 229 for a loss of 11. Tara can't be stopped! They've lost 14 pounds combined, or 2.85%. The Blue Team must have lost more than 13 pounds to be safe. Sione goes from 316 to 305, for a loss of 11, while Filipe goes from 308 to 298 for a loss of 10. Those two are crazy! That's 21 pounds or 3.37%. Well done, sirs!

Black Team is on the scale next. To be safe, they must have lost more than 13 pounds. Blaine goes from 303 to 299 for a loss of 4, while Dane goes from 334 to 329 for a loss of 5. That's a lowly 9 pounds combined, or 1.41%. Jillian acknowledges that this is really bad timing on their part. The Yellow Team is next, and must have lost more than 6 pounds to stay safe. Mandi goes from 221 to 215 for a loss of 6, while Aubrey goes from 224 to 223 for a loss of 1. That's 7 pounds or 1.57%. They juuust squeaked by. This means that the Black Team is still in danger. But there is one team left to weigh-in. It's the Brown Team. They must have lost more than 9 pounds. Seems doable, right? Ron goes from 366 to 361 for a loss of 5, while Mike goes from 330 to 317 for a loss of 13. Wow! All those Subway sandwiches Bob fed Mike really did him good. The Brown Team lost 18 pounds total, and are way safe. Sorry, Black Team!

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