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Blame It on the Blaine

Blaine tells us that he lost 66 pounds on the ranch, and is under 300 pounds now! He's also exponentially hotter. He thinks he'll be a much better husband and father, and says the next time we see him he'll be healthier and a lot sexier. He'll catch us on the flip side. We go home and meet Jennie, Blaine's wife. She says that before going on The Biggest Loser, he was unhappy and sick and tired, which was hard on the family. Blaine's daughter Whitney says that Blaine got so exhausted on walks that he seemed like he was about to burst, but now he seems like he can do anything. Aw! Jennie thinks it's all great, because it's like having her best friend back, but even younger and more energetic. Blaine says that his weight never got in the way of his life, but it got in his way by stopping him from being confident. On the campus, he learned that he can reach down inside himself and do things that are difficult. His goal is to do an Iron Man triathlon before going back for the finale. That's a mile and a half of swimming, 80 miles biking, and a half-marathon. Yowsers! That's some serious fitness. Blaine has lost a total of 86 pounds to date. Go, Blaine!

Next week: More Mike and Ron drama. And Kristin has to bounce back from her two-pound gain.

Potes is training for an Iron Man of snacking (chips, cheese, chocolate). She can be reached at

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