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Okay, back to the show. The next day, the Black Team heads to 24-Hour Fitness for some spinning under the guidance of Jillian. Danny tells us that the Black Team is rocking, but knows that it has a lot of work to do. The Blue Team works out with Bob. Rudy says that losing is not an option for them this week. Tracey walks on the treadmill, and tells us that Dr. H. gave her permission to go to the gym. She feels very accomplished about it. Bob tells his sorry team that if they can't win the weigh-in, they should at least try to win a challenge. Encouraging!

The contestants then head to some sort of Survivor set-up on the beach at nighttime. They're starting with a challenge. Each team has four keys buried in the sand, and has to find every one of those keys. They'll need all four to open a quadruple-locked trunk. The first team to open their trunk wins, but Sami can't yet tell the team what the prize is. The only way to find out is to win the challenge. She says that the prize will definitely determine who stays on campus and who goes home. Tracey and Abby will once again be sitting out of the challenge, and to even up the teams, Black will have to choose someone to sit out. Amanda volunteers, telling us that she hates sand.

With that, the challenge begins! The contestants take shovels and dig through giant piles of sand. Poor Liz can't even get her shovel out of her sandpile. Several contestants eschew the shovel in favor of getting in the sand with their hands and bodies. After ten minutes, Danny feels like he's halfway to China. Rudy is first to get to the buried box that contains his key, and notes that it's wedged deep. Sami tells the contestants to remember what they're playing for, and they remind her that they don't actually know what they're playing for. Drunk again. Everyone has reached his or her case, but, at 20 minutes, no one has figured out how to get it out. Sami tells the contestants that after one person gets the key out, he or she can help his or her teammates. And Danny does it! He lifts out his case, removes his key, and unlocks the first lock. He then goes to Daniel, who is farthest along in getting out his case. While Danny is helping Daniel, Allen gets his key, unlocks his lock, and goes to help Rudy. Everyone is sweating for serious, with drops falling off the ends of their noses and glistening in the moonlight. Romanticals!

The contestants reach the half-hour mark. Danny gets Daniel's case out, and Daniel uses his key then goes to help another teammate. Meanwhile, the Blue Team has three keys out. They work together on their last case, while the Black Team has two cases left. There is universal exhaustion. After 40 minutes, Allen lifts out the final Blue Case. Rebecca takes her key and unlocks the chest. Inside they find plane tickets home! Allen and Rudy are particularly excited, since they very much want to go home and see their wives and kids. Amidst all the excitement, the players realize that there's a catch. Sami says that the tickets are theirs, if they want them. While they all miss their families tremendously, she says, it would mean being away from campus all week. They wouldn't be able to use the services of Bob or the gym, and would come back for the weigh-in. If they decide they don't want to take that risk, they can give the tickets to the Black Team. Oooh, tricky! The Blue Team huddles. Several team members are vocal about wanting to give up the tickets, but Rudy really wants to go home. However, he is overruled. The Black Team is going home. Danny calls it sweet pain to be able to see his wife, but not Jillian. All of the Black Team members have mixed feeling about this, and Shay notes that it's the biggest test they've faced so far.

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