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Home Is Where the Lard Is

Meanwhile, the Blue Team gets an ass-whooping from Bob. Liz interviews that they're going to prove that staying on the ranch is more important than going home. Family haters!

Back to life, back to reality. Danny heads to the gym, and tells us that his wife desperately wants to work out with him. He thinks it'll be a distraction, but knows that this is the only way he's going to get to spend time with her. And, I mean, it seems kind of cold, but I think he's just really focused. Danny tells us that it's hard not being in the gym with Jillian, since she pushes him harder than he'd ever push himself. Abby heads to the pool, and says that the biggest challenge about being home is working around her injury. She reminds us that she has a stress fracture in her leg, and is limited to the pool and the bike. It's about a 30-minute drive to a gym with a pool, which adds an additional challenge. However, it's a priority, and she's making it happen. Daniel has experience working out at home, so seems especially well-prepared even though he knows that the Blue Team has a big advantage.

And there's the Blue Team, with Bob determined to make them regret staying on campus. Liz tells us that he had them running at a 10% incline on the treadmill, and she thought she was going to die. Tracey looks like she's going to have another (ALLEGEDLY!) heart attack. Rebecca is satisfied with this situation, since they basically stayed specifically so that Bob could beat the crap out of them. They do a good job, and Bob gives them big props.

Dina, meanwhile, has to take her son to the gym. He reads a book while she's on the treadmill, and she notes that this is not ideal for either of them. Jason, Jr. is pretty impressed at how fast his mom can run, and says, "I believe that she can do anything." Ah, cutest! He's wearing a headband at the gym, which just kills me. Dina is determined to meet her daily calorie burn, even if she has to bore/impress her kid in the process. We cut to Amanda, who has no idea how to work the Nautilus equipment at her home gym. As she struggles, she gets a call... from Jillian! Amanda expresses her frustration, and Jillian tells her that she just doesn't realize how much she actually knows. Jillian gives Amanda a big dose of much-needed confidence. Shay, meanwhile, says that when you walk into a regular gym as a bigger person, people automatically stare at you and make you uncomfortable. We see Shay put in some time on a stationary bike next to a skinny blonde, and she tells us it's just an obstacle she's going to have to overcome. She seems to crack a little bit, but also realizes that this is the rest of her life. She could get sent home next week, and has to be able to succeed if she's not on the ranch. However, it has to be said that she doesn't seem completely confident in her ability to do so.

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