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Home Is Where the Lard Is

Back at the ranch, Bob talks to Liz and Tracey in the kitchen. This can mean only one thing: product placement. Milk, this time. Fat-free.

Back at home, Jillian calls Daniel. She warns him that it's possible that he'll gain weight, since you can hold water from traveling. She tells him to do as much cardio as possible, then calls him "my love" and says that she adores him. Shay, meanwhile, goes out to eat with her husband and sons. Amanda does the same thing, and talks about all the cheese and bacon bits and ranch dressing that she loves and can no longer order. Abby warns her family that she's going to have to special order things and so will be really annoying at restaurants from now on. Dina made the unwise decision to go to a Mexican restaurant with her family, and is in awe and horror of the copious amount of appetizers on the table. Shay's husband orders steak tacos and sliders, and she's disappointed that his diet is the same as it always was. Shay, Amanda, Abby and Dina all do a great job of ordering the plainest, driest, non-butteriest food imaginable.

Danny, meanwhile, cooks at home. He does shish kabobs, also butter-less, and talks about how this is affecting his family's life as well as his own while his daughter enjoys a green pepper. Back at the restaurant, Shay is 1) disappointed at her family's food choices; 2) disappointed that her dish appears to have oil on it, and preparing to send it back. The cooking at home really is better, unless you are lazy and have a great Indian restaurant down the street. This is my out. In big sadness, Danny's daughter wants to go to the zoo with him. He tells her that he might not be able to spend all that much time with her, since he has to take care of business and work out. He tries to convince her that it's all for the greater good, and she seems to take it better than a lot of kids would. At the Mexican restaurant, Dina is appalled at the giant burrito that she once would have eaten. She's sad as she watches her family stuff their faces. Her husband in particular is a champion eater, and Dina suggests that he stop and get a doggie bag. He says that he'll get a doggie bag for dessert. Dina is kind of disgusted by all this, which I'm guessing means no sexy times for Jason. She says that things have to change for her entire family. That's the rub, isn't it?

Hour two begins with a Subway product placement. Shay and her friends -- who seem wonderfully supportive -- sub it up. She starts crying when she says that she was the heaviest person ever to be on the show, and notes that she had some stuff to work through. It was huge for her to realize that she had to be there for herself, and change for herself first. Shay thinks that her friends now understand some of what she's gone through, and will support her at home. Danny's wife approaches him with some photo albums on his last night at home. They're photos of their honeymoon, when Danny was substantially smaller. And had the worst hair known to man. It's, like, a ponytail mullet with sideswept bangs. Whatever else happens in the scene is irrelevant, especially when he makes a metaphor about the sand pile from the challenge and his life. Abby is packed up and ready to return to the ranch. Her mom tells Abby that she is her hero. Dina is enormously sad when saying goodbye to her family, as is Shay. But Shay says that the pride of her family is fuel to get back on the ranch and kick some serious butt.

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