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Amanda is up first. She goes from 224 to 218, for a loss of 6! Well done. Shay is up next, and goes from 416 to 411, for a loss of 5. She's pleased under the circumstances. Abby is next. She goes from 208 to 204 for a loss of 4, and is thrilled with the result. Considering her injury and being at home, it's a good number. It also affirms for her that weight loss can happen in real life. Dina thinks about burritos as she approaches the scale. She goes from 223 to 218 for a loss of 5. Also good! They all did okay at home. I don't know if it's going to be enough to keep them safe, but they are -- and should be -- proud of what they were able to do while off the ranch. Danny and Daniel have to lose more than 25 pounds between them to keep the Black Team above the yellow line. Danny thinks there's no way it's going to happen, and prays for a miracle. He is next on the scale, and goes from 372 to 357 for a loss of 15. Whoa! Those were some amazing diuretic shish kabobs he made. Danny is blown away and so is Jillian, I think, though she keeps her composure. Danny is for sure on fire about the idea of getting his old, cool, be-mulleted self back.

It's up to Daniel to lose 11 pounds and keep his team safe. Jillian says that Daniel is having epiphanies and breakthroughs, which ideally will lead to big weight-loss numbers. Daniel goes from 276 to 277. Holy crow! He gained one pound. Everyone is shocked. Daniel says he went to the gym and ate what he was supposed to eat, so he can't account for the game. However, he acknowledges that he went through some emotional stuff, which could explain some of this. He tells his team that he didn't slack off, but they already seem to know that. However, Daniel thinks that there might be a target on his back now. The Black Team lost 34 pounds, or 1.98%. The Blue Team wins the weigh-in, and the Black Team will have to send someone home. Danny has the highest percentage of weight loss for the team, so will be safe from elimination.

The Black Team huddles and talks about the elimination. Dina is extremely scared to go home, and begs the others for the chance to stay. Shay says that she has a long journey ahead and doesn't want to go home. Daniel notes that since he gained weight, the others might think that he should go home. However, he's just begun to scratch the surface of emotions he hasn't yet dealt with. He needs more sessions with Dr. Phillian. No one is obviously evil on the Black Team, so this is a bit of a tough one. Dina, however, thinks that Daniel, who has already had two chances on the show, has enough knowledge to make things work at home. Shay wants to keep inspiring, encouraging, and trustworthy people around. It's too bad the Black Team can't go rogue and vote off Tracey.

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