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In the elimination room, the voting begins. Daniel professes his respect for the person he voted for. It's Dina. In turn, Dina votes for Daniel. Abby votes for Dina. She must not be the most popular member of the team. Oh! But Danny votes for Daniel. It's tied at two-two. Amanda votes for Dina, while implying that Daniel is a better team member. Shay is last to vote, and certainly won't vote for Daniel. She reveals her vote for Dina, while also telling her how strong and wonderful she is. With four votes, Dina is out. She's graceful about her exit. She tells us that she lost 35 pounds on campus, and adds that the Dina who walked onto the campus was completely lost with zero confidence. The Dina who's leaving the ranch today has begun to see her potential, and is determined to keep searching until she has won her battle. The next time we see her, she says, it'll be all her -- strong, determined, amazing. She won't be living to be like anyone else -- it'll be all her. I don't totally know what that means, but okay. We catch up with Dina at home, where she currently weighs 188 pounds! Her son continues to hang out at the gym with her, and actually likes it. He's happy to support her. And hey! Dina can jump on a box now! Finally. Jason Jr. says that the best thing about having a skinnier mom is that everything now is more exciting than it used to be. That must be a metabolism thing. We follow Dina as she goes to get a makeover, including an eyebrow wax and highlights. So pretty! It's good to see her dolled up a little. Dina recently completed her first half-marathon and hopes to one day run a full one. Well done!

Next week: team members go head to head at the weigh-in. Crazy Tracey is still crazy. Abby is still sad. And Amanda has a meltdown.

Potes has probably also gained one pound at home tonight, thanks to a fresh pack of Newman-Os. Commiserate by writing to her at

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