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Daris is next, and needs to have lost more than 5 pounds. He goes from 283 to 274 for a loss of 9. Yay, Daris! I'll be really sad if he doesn't get to the makeover episode. He's already looking foxier in spades. In six weeks, Daris has the highest percentage of weight loss of anyone on campus! This week he's lost 3.18%, which puts him in second place. Cheryl is next, and needs to have lost more than 3 pounds. She needs to gain a personality as well, because she gets absolutely no screen time. Cheryl goes from 194 to 191 for a loss of 3. Ah, still in danger. She lost 1.55%, which puts her just above Darrell. He's still eyeing that red line.

Miggy is next. She's gotten some sort of hair cut or treatment, I think, to go with her new, nicer personality. Miggy needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to guarantee her safety. She goes from 206 to 199 for a loss of 7! Miggy is on fire! She's also beyond thrilled to have gotten under 200. She's really motivated, and even lifts Jillian off the ground. Getting rid of that rotten appendix was apparently the best thing that could have happened to her. Miggy has lost 3.4%, which is good enough for second place.

Next, we have Lance. He needs to have lost more than 5 pounds. He goes from 314 to 305 for a loss of 9 pounds. Oh, drat. I mean, really, drat by association. That's 2.87%, and Lance is safe. With only Melissa left to weigh in, Cheryl and Darrell are definitely below the yellow line, and Darrell is in danger of falling below the red line as well. Melissa steps up to the scale. She gives us some nonsense about how she can't figure out her body, because she loses 12 pounds one week and gains one the next. Don't think we've forgotten about your lying ways, missy, and don't lie to us more to try to convince us that you're being truthful. Melissa has only to lose more than 3 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 198 to 199 for a gain of one! Holy crapamole! Well, maybe she wasn't lying after all. Go figure. A tearful Melissa says that at least she gets to see her kids. She notes that, compared to the others, she has no serious medical issues and also is close to her goal weight. She asks the others to keep Lance there, and keep him motivated. Oh, please. Lance is going to be living large. Melissa tells Lance that he can't come home until he weighs under 250 pounds.

Anyway, Melissa falls below the red line, and is eliminated. She and Lance have a mushy hug goodbye, which makes everyone else feel awkward. She tells us that she knew she wouldn't make it to the end, because she's not big enough, but this is much earlier than she would have liked to have gone home. Tell that to everyone else who has been eliminated from this show, sister.

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