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The contestants return to the ranch for the last chance workout, and it is revealed that Brendan's been completely shaved! I think it's an improvement, even if he does look a bit like Uncle Fester. Jillian does her best to out-yell the Marine sergeants, and does a fine job of it. Patrick says that it was fantastic getting Marine training, but at the same time there's nothing like a last chance workout with Jillian. Brendan calls her the smallest bull you'll ever meet in your life. He'd rather take on a real bull than have her screaming in his damn ear all day. Jillian tells us that the Marines is all about building character -- if you're tired, hungry, or passed out you push through it. She hopes that the contestants walk out of this experience feeling more confident than they ever have, and having done things they never thought possible.

With that, it's time for the weigh-in! The combat instructors join Sami, Bob, Jillian and the contestants and give a debrief of the week. The Losers get kudos all around for their determination. Sergeant Harris thanks them for showing him what they're made of. It's changed him, and he's sure that it's changed other instructors. Jesse says that he's become close to the combat instructors, and appreciated all they did for the Losers. The contestants will weigh in as teams again, and the losing team will vote to send someone home.

The Blue Team is first to weigh-in, and Mark approaches the scale. Bob says that, given their erratic schedule, it's anyone's guess how the contestants will perform this week. Mark goes from 336 pounds to 329, for a loss of 7. He's a little disappointed, but will take it. Jessica goes from 244 to 240 pounds, for a loss of 4. Lisa goes from 244 to 242, for a loss of 2 pounds. Bob says that he expected way more from everybody. He's all for learning experiences, but is also all about weight loss. He says that a two-pound loss is unacceptable. Lisa tells us that the high-sodium food in the mess hall hinders weight loss, and they had very little control over that. Jessie goes from 296 pounds to 297, for a gain of one. That is very bad. Guess he overestimated how many sausages he needed for energy. Aaron is last to weigh-in for the Blue Team. He goes from 398 to 384 for a loss of 14 pounds! Go, Aaron! I wonder how he did it. The Blue Team lost 26 pounds altogether, or 1.71%. That is not very good.

The Black Team needs to have lost more than 28 pounds to best the Blue Team. Ada is first to weigh-in, and goes from 211 pounds to 204, for a loss of 7. That girl is a machine. Patrick goes from 337 to 330, also for a loss of 7 pounds. Jessica figures that the Blue Team are goners. But all hope might not be lost. Brendan goes from 302 to 298, for a loss of only 4 pounds. And half of that was hair. Anna is next, and goes from 283 pounds to 281, for a loss of 2. Elizabeth is next, and goes from 213 pounds to 214, also for a gain of 1 pound. Yikes. It all comes down to Frado, who needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to win the weigh-in for the Black Team. He's freaking out, and telling the others that he thinks he gained weight. Sami asks what he's expecting, and Frado says "Plus six." A puzzled Sami says that this is the first time she's seen someone apologize for their number before they saw it. Everyone else kind of shuffles around awkwardly, wondering if he's lost it completely. Jillian just rolls her eyes. Frado goes from 294 pounds to 298, for a gain of 4 pounds. Wow, he was right. Frado swears that there's no gameplay involved. Jillian says that the Marines isn't about weight loss, it's about building character. And it threw everyone's body out of whack. The Black Team has lost 15 pounds, or .91%. They've lost the weigh-in and will have to send someone home. But it won't be Ada! She has the highest percentage of weight lost for the Black Team, and so has immunity.

And before you can say, "98% of precincts reporting" we're at the elimination. Patrick votes for Anna. Ada votes for Anna. Anna votes for Elizabeth. Brendan votes for Anna, and the deed is done. Poor Anna starts to cry and just looks really despondent. She says that she's most proud of the hard work she did to get back on the ranch. The next time we see her, she'll win the at-home, $100,000 prize. We catch up with Anna at home, where she tells us that running a mile is nothing to her now. Her son Ulysses tells us that she looks great, and he hopes she keeps going. Anna cooks with Jennie-O turkey! And she makes her meals in advance. She does have to work a full-time job, and has figured out a way to incorporate exercise into her workday. She and a few colleagues run up and down the stairs to prove to us that a desk job isn't an excuse. Anna has lost 80 pounds, and now weighs 250 pounds total. Her goal is to weigh 180 pounds by the finale. She continues to do the stairs daily with her coworkers.

Next week: How do you recover from the worst weigh-in in Biggest Loser history? Screaming and tears. And there's a live reveal of some sort!

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