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My Baby Thinks He's a Train

We enter with Arthur talking to Jesse and feeling quite self-satisfied about how things are going for them. A flashback reminds us that Arthur guzzled more chocolates than a human should consume, and then sent Jay and Jen to be on the opposing Red Team while appropriating Sarah and Deni as human sacrifices. His goal, he tells Jesse, is to stay there as long as they can, and he promises that they're in a good position to stick around for a few weeks. This is a conversation that would lead one to believe that Arthur is going to be toast by the end of the episode. As usual, Jesse is completely silent as Arthur babbles. Arthur tells us that this is a week for him to keep his eyes and ears open and his mouth shut. He's done a bang-up job of that so far, hasn't he?

The Red Team has lost two members in the last two weigh-ins, and so they are redoubling their efforts to not suck. And they'll start at this week's pop challenge. Sami tells the teams that they'll be tied together with a rope, and will have to untie themselves. The team to untie itself fastest will win. Hannah tells us that she's not a sailor, and is probably going to have a hard time going against farm boys/pig ropers Rulon and Justin. The winning team will receive a key to the gym, and will in fact be the only team allowed in the gym for a week. The Red Team appears upset at this idea, even though they went without a gym for four weeks and seemed to do just fine. The Black Team has an extra person, so someone has to sit out. Everyone but Arthur nominates Arthur. It might be a short-sighted strategy, though, as Arthur could be really effective if you're allowed to gnaw the rope.

Justin indeed has been roping calves and bulls and My Little Ponies or whatever for his whole life, so feels like he's got this. He orders around the Red Team members, while the Black Team seems to think that the main idea of the challenge is to create more knots. The Red Team wins, and Marci dreads the beatings that Jillian is going to give them for losing gym access.

Bob and Jillian greet the Black Team and learn about the gym predicament. Indeed, Jillian is not thrilled and says that not having gym access is a major disadvantage. There is some outdoor equipment, which Bob says will be useful. Jillian remains not thrilled, and tells us that the Black versus Red matchup is like the Care Bears versus an NFL team. She herself is playing the role of Grumpy Bear. Meanwhile, Brett and Cara give the Red Team a pep talk, and seem relatively happy about the gym situation.

Jay, meanwhile, is still a little wary of the very close Red Team members. He and Jen, though they've been embraced, are still the odd team out, and he's not sure how long he'll be able to stay on campus. Brett tells us that treadmills have been part of the key to the Black Team's success, and so he gets his people a-runnin'.

Meanwhile, the Black Team members ride on spin bikes outside. Jillian and Bob note a weird energy in the air, and ask what's going on. Hannah talks about how focused the Red Team members are, while the Black Team members are giggly at inappropriate times. She doesn't want to look like a weak underdog. Irene points out that even if they lose, there's no point sitting and pouting and bitching about it. Hannah counters that she can feel whatever emotion she wants to feel, even if it's a pouty, bitchy one. Courtney says that the Black Team has tried their absolute hardest. She's pissed that someone would question her work ethic. Though she likes Hannah, Courtney does not agree with her assessment of the situation. Bob says that everyone needs to remember that they crushed the Red Team at the weigh-in last week, and are in fact a strong team. He tells us that the negative energy has to be diluted and folks need to get focused if they're going to make it through a gymless week. And so: beatings.

Back in the gym, Rulon is struggling. Cara says he's not pushing himself, and is capable of a lot more than he's giving. So he pushes a big weight thing and crawls on the floor and stuff, but acts weird all the while. At one point he throws a free weight. Cara is not pleased and wants him to take her direction and stop being such a puss. But for some reason Rulon enjoys being a puss, and a pain in the ass to boot. Cara takes Rulon outside and asks why he's moving like a snail today. Rulon says that he's already 150 pounds heavier than Jay, and it's unfair when Cara throws another 45 pound weight on top of him. She tells him that life isn't fair, and that he's making excuses. Rulon tells her that he's there to put his life in a position where he can reset. The last six years have been hell for him. He got everything that he wanted, and then apparently things fell apart. He wants to look in the mirror and be proud, and he also doesn't want the turmoil of his past to start affecting him now. Cara, who lacks the finesse of Dr. Phillian, tells him that the turmoil is affecting him, and that part of why they're there is to deal with problems. Rulon does not want to deal with problems. There's too much stuff, he says, and he won't go there.

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