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My Baby Thinks He's a Train

Jay seems resigned to his fate and has told the Red Team that he'd like for them to send him home and keep Jennifer. This is exactly how it goes down. Jen is very sad, but notes that her dad has turned a corner, and she's going to continue to kick ass on the ranch as long as possible as a tribute to him. Jay thanks Jen for saving his life by dragging him on this show, and tells her that she's awesome and will be fine.

Jay has lost 92 pounds on campus in 7 weeks and has had an incredible experience. He never really thought of himself as being strong, but has discovered that he is. He came to the show to get his health back and lose weight, but he's also leaving with a new sense of self that will keep him on this path in the long term. When Jay first came to the ranch, he figured he was there to lose weight, but he also found out that he had potentially fatal heart arrhythmia. He's been able to work and strengthen his heart, and says that literally this show saved his life. The next time we see Jay, the 299 on his arm will be a 199.

When Jay started on campus he weighed 400 pounds. Now, at home, he weighs 289 pounds. That's 111 pounds lost, and he feels the best he has in 20 years. He visits Dr. H. along with his wife to find out the results of his medical tests. Three months prior, Jay's inner age was 71. It's now 64. His risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack went way down. Happiness abounds! Having regained his health, Jay is now focused on winning the at-home prize.

Next week: Double elimination! Will the parents sacrifice themselves?

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