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We catch up with Abby today, looking foxy and totally happy! I mean, the difference between the first week and this follow-up is just incredible. Abby sees herself helping other people who are hurting, and we see her giving a motivational speech at a high school. It's an opportunity, she says, to turn something that was so bad into something positive. The teenaged audience gives her a standing ovation. Abby tells us that she's heading into the world with open arms now. It's good. Abby has lost a total of 80 pounds. She plans to travel across the country inspiring students and teachers everywhere. Go, Abby! There's a final tag on the episode that says, "In memory of Rick, Macy and Caleb."

Next week: Washington D.C.! The contestants are cooking in the White House and weighing in on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. And the choices that Tracey's made during her tenure have finally come back to bite her in the ass. Good times!

Potes faced off against the emotional bitch-slap that was this episode and lost. You too? Tell her about it at

What happens to the Losers after they lose the weight and have the giant skin flaps? Our vloggers speculate.

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