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The next day, the contestants head right to a challenge. Sami tells them that it's week seven, which is halfway through the competition. Only fourteen more hours of our lives, and then we're free again! Rudy is 13 pounds away from losing 100 pounds -- if he does it this week, he'll set a record. Sami also has a bomb to drop. This week, everyone will be weighing in head-to-head against a member of the opposite team. If a team member beats his or her head-to-head competition on the scale, his or her team will get a point. The team with the most points at the end of the weigh-in will win, and the losing team will have to send someone home. It's face-off week! Apparently this happened last season, but I have no memory of it. It's the Oreos. And the meth.

And now there's more news. Whoever wins today's pop challenge will get to choose the head-to-head matchups. The others hope that the devil is taking a week off as Tracey's right hand man, and is, like, enjoying a margarita in Cabo. The challenge is as such: The contestants have to bob under a bar, touch their team's colored disc, weave back under the bar, then touch another colored disc. Every time they do that, the team will win a point. The first team to get 500 points will win the challenge. Remember when they just had to walk up stairs? There are a few extra rules. Only one player can compete at a time, and players can be switched at any time. However, each player is only allowed one turn. Tricky!

The challenge begins, in the midst of a crazy windstorm. Abby and Tracey (in her first challenge) are first up. The bar that they have to duck under is pretty low. Abby does well at first, but then something doesn't feel right and after twenty touches she wants out. Danny is daunted at the task left for the four remaining players. While Shay gets in the ring for the Black Team, Tracey is determined to get 100 touches. She does it. Shay gets the Black Team to just above 100 before tapping out. Allen goes in for the Blue Team and is on a tear, while Danny works for the Black Team. Danny tries his hardest, but Allen and his awesomeness takes the lead, and soon Blue is up by 16 points. Amanda tags in for the Black Team, determined that they will finally win something. Liz then replaces Allen for the Blue Team. She falls, and has a bit of a hard time getting up. With the Blue Team still in the lead, Liz tells us that it would be crazy for her to stay in since she's losing ground. She thinks Rudy can take it. He tags in at 300 touches. Amanda is flying through this, and gets the Black Team within shooting distance. Danny tags in with 150 touches to go. At 390, Rudy touches out and leaves it to Rebecca to take it home. Only one point separates the teams. If your idea of exciting TV is watching people run three feet back and forth to touch hanging things, this is the show for you. Rebecca makes up some ground for the Blue Team, and eventually re-takes the lead. It's still close, but the blue Team wins by four points. The Black Team is pretty dejected as the Blue Team celebrates.

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