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The challenge begins! There is running, and ball collecting, and throwing. The Black Team targets Allen pretty quickly, followed by Rebecca, rationalizing that they're the biggest competitors. Meanwhile, the Blue Team targets Daniel and Amanda, likely for the same reasons. Allen is the first out. Soon, Rebecca finishes off Amanda. Eventually, though, Rebecca is also out. This leaves the Black Team with three players still alive and the Blue Team with only two. Daniel is out soon enough, but the Black Team has about a 100 ball lead over Blue. The Blue Team, and particularly Rebecca, starts talking smack from the sidelines, which Shay does not appreciate. Rudy is next out, which leaves Liz on the field against Shay and Danny. Shay has no balls thrown against her, so the conclusion is foregone. The Black Team celebrates their first challenge victory while the Blue Team sore loses.

Back at the ranch, the Black Team gets their winning lunch from Curtis Stone, featuring Jennie-O turkey. Curtis teaches them how to make a Mediterranean turkey burger on a Portobello mushroom bun. That sounds really slimy on the fingers. And hey! New product placement! Cook your product placement meal on a GE Monogram grill! With bonus Panini maker! Producty deliciousness all around. In other news, I am having an orange instead of Oreos for my recapping snack. It's taken several seasons, but this show has finally beat me down.

Hour two begins with the contestants in the gym. Now it's Abby's turn to have an unfortunate situation where Jillian can create a positive outcome. Jillian notes that Abby came into the competition looking for a purpose. Abby says she's found it -- it's herself. She's starting to be present in her own life. She's living again, and loving again, and has energy to get out of bed. It's scary to love people, she says, when you've lost everything. Abby starts crying while on the rowing machine, and Jillian actually stops her from rowing. She then asks Abby what it's like to lose everything. Oh, you know, it's a laugh riot. What kind of a question is that? Abby replies that you can't even fathom it. We flash back to Abby on her first day on the ranch talking about the husband and kids that she lost, complete with pictures. Oh, man. Abby talks about the last time she saw her family, which was right before she went to the emergency room on an evening that she wasn't feeling well. They were killed about five miles from her home by a guy who was going over 100 miles an hour. She says, "My life was in that van. Everyone was gone." And you know, people on this show have had a lot of problems, but this is some serious hard-core heartbreaking shit.

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