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Jillian has Shay lay down on the floor and try to push up on a metal bar as Jillian pushes down. Shay can't push the bar up, which leads Jillian to ask Shay what else she couldn't do. Shay couldn't make her mom love her. Jillian tosses the bar to the side, which is the correct action when an epiphany has been reached. Jillian tells Shay that she also couldn't save her mother, and asks when she can forgive herself for that. Shay doesn't know. Jillian says that until Shay forgives herself, she'll be killing herself through food. She tells Shay that she was a victim, and it wasn't her fault. She was a child, and has a right to be angry about that. Shay needs to deal with the kid in the closet, and help the kid in the closet. That's the person who can be saved. With that, it's time for Shay to start working out again. Boxing, this time, because she's fighting for herself. And then there's a commercial, thank God. I've never been so happy to see a T-Mobile ad.

Okay, now we just have to get through the weigh-in. You remember the face-off rules. Sami asks the Black Team how they decided to use the two pound advantage. They're going to give it all to Amanda. Good call, I think. Amanda and Rebecca are up first on the scale. From teammates to opponents! Amanda goes from 218 to 214 for a loss of 4. She says she had an off week, and thought that might affect her number. She hopes the two-pound advantage helps. I think that four pounds is actually pretty good for her. With the extra two pounds, Amanda has lost 2.75%. Rebecca will have to lose more than 6 pounds to win. She goes from 232 to 223 for a loss of 9. Whoa! That's crazy. The Black Team is totally sad that they wasted their prize. One point for Blue.

Abby and Tracey are next to face off, and Abby is feeling confident. Abby goes from 204 pounds to 201 for a loss of 3. She can't believe that she didn't deliver after working so hard. Her percentage of weight lost is 1.47%. Tracey has to lose more than 2 pounds. She goes from 202 to 197 for a loss of 5. She's thrilled to have won the face-off, and to be under 200 pounds. Another point for the Blue Team, and another bit of insane commentary about it from Crazy Tracey. Sami tells everyone that if the Black Team loses one more face-off, the weigh-in is over and they'll have to send someone home. Danny and Allen are next. Danny goes from 357 to 345 for a loss of 12, or 3.36%. Allen has to have lost more than 9 pounds to beat Danny. He goes from 270 to 262 for a loss of 8 or 2.96%. The Black Team is still in it! They have one point to the Blue Point's two.

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