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(Cry Your) Face Off

Liz and Daniel are next to face off. Daniel reminds us that he gained a pound last week, and so worked harder than ever this week. He's confident that he can best Liz. He goes from 277 to 272 for a loss of 5. He looks befuddled, and both Jillian and Bob go, "What???" Jillian says that Daniel is following the same program as Danny, but whereas Danny has lost 27 pounds in two weeks Daniel has lost 4. Something, she says, is really wrong. Daniel agrees. Liz has to have lost more than 4 pounds to win the face-off, and the weigh-in for her team. She goes from 228 to 221 for a loss of 7. The Black Team has won, and Crazy Tracey punches the air to crazy effect. Quotable Liz says, "All week I've heard, 'He's 20 years old, he can do this, he can do that.' Well guess what? Granny can do it too." Crusty grandma prevails!

Even though the Blue Team has won the weigh-in, there's one more face-off to go, and it could play a role in who has immunity for the Black Team. If Shay loses more than 13 pounds she'll get immunity. Otherwise, it goes to Danny. I think Danny's probably all set. He tells us that the other four members of the Black Team are close, and are going to vote him off if they get a chance. Shay goes from 411 to 402 for a loss of 9 pounds. That would be a great week normally, but in this situation it makes her cry. And then there's Rudy, who has to lose 13 pounds to beat Dane's season seven record of quickest to lose 100 pounds. And Dane is there! The girls squeal, despite the fact that he has a fugly goatee. He says it feels like he never left, and adds that he's doing a triathlon in San Francisco, with eleven other former contestants of the show. Bob feels great about that, and asks, "Have you ever done a triathlon? I haven't!" Well, me either. But I have triathlete friends. Who are a lot more fit than me. Curses, Bob, you win. Anyway, Rudy goes from 355 to 341 for a loss of 14. He's done it! Dane congratulates him, and the other contestants chant his name. Rudy makes a victory speech. It's like the Mr. Moob America competition.

So, it's sadsville for the Black Team. Danny is immune, which thrills Liz. She's exceptionally glad that there will be real tears in the elimination room this week. The Black Team gets only 20 minutes to deliberate, probably because they wasted all that time with the record breaking. The Black Team has an intense conversation, and Abby seems prepared to sacrifice herself. She tells the others that her journey has been about opening up and loving people again, and being truthful to who she wants to be. She's gotten the kick start of a lifetime. She loves the other contestants, but says that she knows she'll be fine. She's soaring now, and will fly at home. Danny tells her to fight for herself, and she says that she fights for herself every day. Shay interviews that Abby is the most giving and kind person she's ever met. All her life Shay has been fighting for a mother's love, she says, and Abby just freely gave it without asking anything in return. Shay wants Abby to stay. For reals, you can't vote off Abby! Gah.

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