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e, and to have found the lost self inside of her. The next time we see Miggy, she'll be a new and improved person. All the changes we see now are nothing compared to what's going to come.

We catch up with Miggy at home. She started the show at 240 pounds. Today, she weighs 179 pounds. She tells us that her stress levels were constantly off the charts. So she's meditating! Come on! Meditating is helping Miggy lose weight, because she's let go of a lot of negative energy and can focus her attention differently. Season 7's Nicole comes to visit Miggy. She wants to support her and help her reach her goals. Miggy is really excited about it, and says that seeing Nicole motivates her even more. Miggy thanks God and the Biggest Loser that she got the help she needs. The biggest thing she learned was to change her energy from negative to positive, and the impact has been unbelievable. Miggy will continue to train with Nicole in hopes of going from a size 14 to a size 5 for the finale. Aw, Miggy wants to be able to shop in the juniors section!

And then it's time to catch up with Darrell, who was eliminated at the top of the show. Darrell apparently had a goal of fitting back into the leather jacket he was wearing when he met his wife Karolee. Karolee tells us that life with Darrell was very scary before he left for the ranch, because he was likely to die at any moment. Darrell started out the show at 413 pounds. Today he weighs 293 pounds. That's a loss of 120. Not so bad. Darrell says that he has a new view on life. He and Karolee work out together, and are looking forward to a healthier life together. Darrell can now fit back into the jacket he wore when he first met his wife 27 years ago. He hopes to reach his goal weight of 200 pounds by the finale.

Next week: Darrell and Sunshine love each other. The Blue Team is out for blood. And the contestants apparently have to pull 18-wheelers in a challenge.

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