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Sione returns home. His daughter is watching for him in the window and runs out to greet him. When she hesitates at the front door, her mom says she doesn't even know who Sione is, which I'm sure made him feel awesome. Sione's wife has managed to spell "Brittany" in the most obnoxious way possible: Britni. Sione wants to teach the Tongan community that it's okay to eat healthy. They're all there to greet him in the backyard. Sione's mother looks decidedly not Tongan as she says her son looks like when he was a teenager. Sione's father, Vuna, is definitely Tongan. He says his son looks fantastic and has a good, happy life. Sione is ready to start his family on the path to health, and unpacks some presents for the kids: adorable baby gym shoes!

And what does Sione look like now? He started the show at 372 pounds and today he weighs 235. And is hotter than ever. His daughter brings him apple slices for a snack while he works. He says he's studying to be a personal trainer so he can be just like Bob. Britni can't be thrilled that her husband went from owning his own landscape business to personal training, but his love for Bob will always be greater than his love for her. With that, all of Tonga heads to Bally's Total Fitness for a Sione-led workout session. He sees himself when he first started the show in his sisters as they work out now, and encourages them to keep going.

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